What mods do you find are needed most of the time.?

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Jan 19, 2009
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Ok so for all us Lpr fans. What are some of the basic mods done while building lpr rockets. I know theirs a huge list out their so i thought this would be a great place for it then a compiled list with photos added the beginners section.

  • Shock cord changed ( made longer or type)
  • Shock cord mount changed
  • streamer in place of chute for light rockets
  • swivel added
  • chute size changed
  • motor hook added or changed
  • finstock replaced
  • Launch lug size changed or location changed
For me it the replacement of trifolds with mounts to the motor using Kevlar.
I find that with the E motors being longer than the D's, that going ahead and building the motor mount E capable is a smart thing to do. I ordered a mess of E engine hooks from Semroc for just that reason.

Other than that, as yall have said, the number one thing I always mod is the shock cord. I hear tell that Estes has started releasing kits with the rubber shock cords again. I never had ANY luck with those... they always seemed to go brittle very quickly. I personally have had much better luck with sewing elastic from various stores.

Some hate the trifold mounts, but they DO have their place, and they're a perfectly acceptable mount IMHO. I usually use them, except on the largest kits, and then I've started using the Fliskits Baffles with Kevlar instead anyway.

I think baffles are the cat's meow... a HIGHLY recommended mod, especially on larger models. OL JR :)
i pretty much change everything listed in the first list.

always add kevlar. mainly to get rid of the tri fold method
lengthen shock cord.
change the chute.
swivel added.
trim the launch lug.
add nomex wadding.
anti zipper tape (sometimes).
harden the ends of BT with CA glue.
Always longer Kevlar/Stainless shockcord Motor mount anchors on everything.

anti-zipper tape is part of the Shockcord mount as far as I'm concerned.

Swivels and spill holes added to every chute. or replace with hemi nylon chutes.

Changing the fin material depends on the model involved. Normally the bare minimum is to switch from balsa to Basswood, or some form of built-up composite foam/skin laminate construction.
It got to the point where i would toss everything but the body tube and nose cone,:rolleyes: so i stopped buying kits and just purchase cones & tubes.
Recently i started making those too, so all i buy is raw material like paper, fiberglass, carbon fiber, G10, birch & pine plywood, etc...:D
Saves a ton of money too, but heavy on the time investment. results are worth it tho.:cool:
even when not a making self-designed rocket- since you can find most popular LPR design plans & instructions on EMRR and other places....:)
For 24mm mounts I like to use the heavy walled tubing. I replace fin stock if it's to soft, or warped. Replace the shock cord mount most of the time.
Swivels and spill holes added to every chute. or replace with hemi nylon chutes.

+1. I have a set of Top Flite thin mil chutes (9" to 15") and a couple of other nylon chutes, all with swivels, that I use in all my birds. The stock chutes just go into my range box for repairs on others' rockets.

I also use longer shock cords or replace them with Kevlar a la Quest.