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Jan 24, 2009
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don't link to that web site he sending out, there's BUG-A BOO's that will attack your windows system there.
Great now we get attack from within our forum.:mad:
Did you get attacked and if so, what did it do to your system???

Luckily my Mozilla Firefox with NoScript add-on appeared to block out whatever it was.
By "sending out" do you mean through private messaging?
yep PM's

did not get me, running Windows thru a Linux host system, but boy did the antivirus stuff go off with warnings, multi warning, scary stuff from windows users.
It is a link to a poisoned web site.

A Buffer Overflow attack.

MODs/ADMINS - Get this guy banned and if the forum software allows it turn off HTML in PMs if this guy managed to exploit a security hole and get registered w/o owner action. At least until that possible hole is investigated and remediated..
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I think it's more likely an automated "it" and not a "him".
Hard to tell, sometimes it's just easier to pay people from India or China a few cents per click to spam forums... Sad really.

I got the PM this morning, unknown member with an unfamiliar (not rocketry related) message title, checked the day "it" joined, copied the link and googled it... google results had no "cache" version of the website and there was a wide variety of topics so I decided to just delete the message without clicking on the link...

Advise for all: If it comes from someone you do not know with a weird or unsolicited topic, google it or just delete it and keep going with life...
Well, mountainX has now been permanently banned. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and keep an eye out for any more dodgy PMs. The same common sense rules about emails apply to PMs, too:

Dont' click a link you think it looks dodgy or comes from someone you aren't so sure about.
That Nigerian Prince-in-exile is NOT going to give you a large sum of money for helping him. ;)

Thanks guys for catching that one. I was flying pretty fast and furious at work today and am just now getting on.

He simply slipped through. This is why I push for manual approval for new users. This individual was the third one that got through.

Typically, what I'm looking for is somethign in their e-mail address that gives them away. When I went to look for MountainX I found another individual attempting to do the same thing.

It's not a fool proof system, but it does greatly limit the possibility for intrusion.

Thanks to everyone for catching this and moving forward.