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Mar 14, 2003
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There is now a model rocket addon for Orbiter Space Flight Simulator. So far there are two rockets that I think are make by the author, who goes by the username of Kev33, a Dueces Wild by Kev 33, and a Midnight Express made by me and Kev did all of the technical stuff wtih it to get it into Orbiter (making cfg files, .ini files)

If you have Orbiter, you can get the Toy Rocket addon here:


You need to get the Toy Rocket Addon flie and the Toy Rocket Addons file.

If you do not have Orbiter you can get Orbiter here: https://www.medphys.ucl.ac.uk/~martins/orbit/download.html

download the base file and the textures. Orbiter is entirely FREE.

The model rockets are not extremely accurate yet, I haven't tried the newest Toy Rocket Addon yet, but the first version (which only had one rocket) didn't have parachutes. The rocket automatically refuels when it lands back on the landing pad, kind of simulates reloading the engine.
Orbiter has tons of addons, all of the space shuttles, Project Gemini, Project Mercury, an older version of the Saturn V, but a new one is expected shortly.