VB rockets!!!

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Um... you order from them, and the only thing you'll get is a lighter wallet.

I don't think they would have them in stock. They are not a honest vendor. Many people, including I, have had MANY problems with Discount Hobby Center. Search the forum, there are many horror stories.
they don't carry half of what they advertise either
Both are legit but if either has any VB rockets the picking will be very slim.
Petes is in the UK.
Performance Hobbies- Give Ken a call and ask. His website needs to be updated. He also had Rocket R&D kits listed but doesn't have any.
I've found your best bet is to do it the old fashioned way--call them to see what's in stock. They're just not very good at updating their web site and taking internet orders, but seem like good folks
Originally posted by bachsta
i just found a site that sells the old VB rockets

No they don't. I ordered a BoB from them since they had it listed. I found out it wasn't available before they did.

They have good prices on what they have in stock. They have good prices on what they don't have in stock too. They'll sell either. Not because they're dishonest so much as disorganized. I've bought from them since. I just make sure I call first to find out if it's really there on the shelf and ready to ship.

If it's NOT because they're so disorganized, they do a real good job making it look that way.
I'll throw in a plug for Performance Hobbies.I have been dealing with Ken since `96 and have never gotten anything but AWESOME service. 100% highly recommended!BTW I have a VB Extreme 54 from Ken which will probably someday be my first hybrid and/or electronics rocket.I still haven't made up my mind yet exactly what to do with it.Most likely the ATF will do it for me.
If you can find a VB rocket then get it. These kits were simple designs that perform! I have owned two 2.6" Javelins that are great work horses for Mid-power, and convert or bash really well for High-power. I also own a B.o.B. rocket, which far out performs the Estes Mean Machine in quality, durability, and motor useage...if flying "broomsticks" is your thing, find a B.o.B. and hang on.

Quality tubing (Good as LOC's) G-10 fins!!! Plywood bulk's and center rings...

They left quickly and silently, and will be missed by me for a long time.