Using. Stratologger or RRC3 on a Wocket.

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Oct 20, 2013
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Hey all,

I'm wondering if any of you have ever had any luck using a commercially available barometric altimeter on a Polecat Wocket or other saucer type rocket. I'm building one with some outboard airstarts and I'd rather have a controller that will deploy at apogee rather than using a timer.

I have not, but may I suggest contacting the manufacturer? I'll bet they know someone who has. Standard port sizing is based on cylindrical tubing, and even square tubes have different requirements for sampling.
If you built it with electronics, please post pictures.

The forum isn't letting me upload any pictures now, I'll try again in the morning.

I currently have one built with a stratologger mini timer 4 for my event timer. Since I know the burn time of the motor I use I semply set the timer to fire a few tenths of a second after the motor burns out.

For my current Wocket build, I want to have the ability to hold a 54mm 6 Grain XL motor. So I'm ditching the top bulkplates and gluing the motor mount in, allowing the main engine to poke out of the top. Since I can't wrap the chute around the ejectable motor mount, I'm going to add two chute cannons that I want to eject at apogee. I'm also adding 3 29mm motor mounts that I want to airstart about a second after the main engine lights.

I have a spare Telemega I can use to time all the events, but I've only had middling success with the Telemega in the past. Since I want to make sure my recovery system fires whether the airstarts fire or not, I figured I could use a barometric altimeter for my recovery and a timer for the airstarts.