USAF Is Jamming GPS In The Western U.S. For Largest Ever Red Flag Air War Exercise


Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Jan 31, 2009
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I'd guess this is only of concern to aircraft in flight with line of site to the Nellis range.

USAF Is Jamming GPS In The Western U.S. For Largest Ever Red Flag Air War Exercise
The use of the mysterious jamming technology will impact the navigation of aircraft operating as far away from the Nevada as Colorado

The year's first iteration of the USAF's premier set of aerial war games, known commonly as Red Flag, is kicking off today at Nellis Air Force Base just outside of Las Vegas, but this exercise will be different than any in the past. Not only is it the largest of its kind in the exercise's 42 year history, but the USAF is going to blackout GPS over the sprawling Nevada Test and Training Range to challenge aircrews and their weaponry under realistic fighting conditions. The tactic will spill over throughout the region, with warnings being posted stating inconsistent GPS service could be experienced by aircrews flying throughout the western United States.

This particular Red Flag includes players from the USAF, USMC, Australia and UK. The very limited guest list of only America's most trusted allies is indicative of a Red Flag exercise where high-end and sensitive capabilities will be put to the test.

The disruptions will begin on January 26th and will run through February 16th.

Upcoming GPS Outage in Western U.S. Could Mean Back to Basics
Military training exercises may cause delays and necessitate reroutes.

Beginning tomorrow, January 26, and running through February 18, GPS-equipped aircraft operating in the Western United States should be prepared for possible satellite signal disruptions at various altitudes. The disruptions may lead to traffic delays and even ground stops.

The NBAA Command Center reports the U.S. military will begin training exercises on the Nevada Test and Training Range between 0400Z until 0700Z daily. Training maneuvers will impact vast portions of the Western U.S. including California, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Montana and New Mexico. FAA enroute ATC centers affected include Albuquerque (ZAB), Denver (ZDV), Los Angeles (ZLA), Salt Lake (ZLC), Oakland (ZOA) and Seattle (ZSE). Operations in R-2508 and R-2501 may also be impacted.


TLAR Engineering hack
May 22, 2017
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Man we've been turning TVs white for decades :) And since China fragged a satellite a few years ago... I loved Red Flag just because it was an international forces event. Nothing like working End Of Runway and waiting for your group of jets (I worked F-15s) to emerge from the line of Tornadoes, Jaguars, Vigen, Harriers, AWACS, Phantoms, Hornets, Eagles, Falcons, a Lancer, a Buff or two, and a special interest bird all lined up on the interior taxiway. And of course, the Search and Rescue buds in the mix!