Upgraded Estes Mercury Redstone

Lord Rory Gin

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Apr 1, 2021
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Regina, Saskatchewan
These are pictures of my upgraded Estes Mercury Redstone in progress.
  • Instead of the regular balsa fins from Estes, I switched to the Boyce fincan and chopped a couple inches off the main body tube to suit.
  • I switched out the 18mm card stock engine mount for a 24mm BT80 plywood engine mount. This required that I cut down and sand the plywood to suit.
  • Then I added a length of 300# Kevlar cord and tied that to the rubber shock cord. I tied it to the engine mount rather use Estes Tri-fold attachement. The rubber can be replaced at any time but the Kevlar is likely going to last a long time.
  • Obviously this added a bit of weight to the bottom end which would change the CG so I added additional weight via epoxy and steel BBs to the nose cone.
  • Likewise the added weight will mean an up-sized parachute as well.
  • Instead of the Estes waterslide decals I am going to be using the Accur8 wrap for their higher detail.


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