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Feb 28, 2010
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I'm wanting to produce a kit, but I'm having difficulty finding a vendor to cut and slot tubes for me.

Does anyone have any contacts to do such cutting?

Thanks in advance?

Keith Frazier
Do you mean one kit or multiple kits to sell?

I know that Binder Design and PML both do custom slotting, I believe others do as well.

I know. It's a Black Brant III. Just wanting to try a simple kit before I go all out with a more complex kit.

I think the question need to be asked: the term "kit" usually refers to a collection, a bag of parts. Are you planning to "kit" this up for resell? a gift? a sample? For someone else to build?

Or, are you 'kitting' it up for yourself to build; essentially doing a 'scratch build'? If so, cutting & slotting the tubes yourself should be half the fun! A lot of us do it, and a few kits did have you slot tubes for fins. I believe it's a skill that's expected at some point in the hobby!
I would like to do a sample kit run. Lets say 50 kits for resell.

I would like to be on the quality of North Coast Rocketry or Estes Pro Series for the all the component parts.


Keith Frazier
Then speak to your expected tube supplier. They can (and should) add this in as a 'value added service' for the tubes you buy. You may want to seek out the supplier's supplier.. For the qtys you're after, and the customizations as well..