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Feb 22, 2003
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A while back, in a thread I had started on general ramblings,

I had mentioned about a TRF Rocket building project that could focus on cloning a rocket, or building a rocket from scratch.

The intent was to see if this community would be interested in a set of tutorials that would take you through the entire building process of a rocket, and would also serve as a dual way to give this community a group project to enjoy, and also be a learning tool for the newer rocketeer whom has never tried this before.

A few members showed some interest in this idea, so I thought I would put together a proposal of what we could do, and let the community decide if its worth the time.

First we need to decide on a rocket design to foucs on, and I'd like to ask you to choose a rocket that you'd like to see built. Then once we have 10 designs to choose from, we can add a poll and vote on it.

Secondly, if this is something that interests you, maybe we can get a few members involved with the details, that way we can share the duties of creating these projects.

Finally, part of the reason for doing this project, would be to help support the companies here that are regulars to this forum. So if this flies, parts could be ordered from companies on a rotational basis.

I've thought of 3 ( of course, I should add the Terrier base here because it interests me greatly - but I'm trying to stay )

Orion 2 - Argentina Rocket - Pgs 330-331 Rockets of the World

Corporal - USA - Pgs 87-89 Rockets of the World - top stage of the Wac-Corporal.

NACA Deacon test rocket or Deacon Rockoon Pgs 122-123 Rockets of the World

Naturally all of this is open for debate, additions and corrections, so your input and suggestions would be appreciated. 8)

my $.02...

Are you talking about cloning an OOP bird? Or researching and building a scale model? To me, those seem to be separate (but worthwhile) projects.

I'd vote on a scale project. but (especially for newbies) it should be a rocket that isn't available as a kit, contains some detailing but not too much, and shouldn't have major issues regarding stability. Also, a paint job that could teach some masking skills, say, but not anything super detailed.

That's not too restrictive, is it?:p
Hey Silverleaf, I like the idea, but you need to remember some of us newbies don't have that book so you need to attach pics so we can have an idea what we are voting on.

Your right, those are two seperate types of projects, and personally I'd rather not do a cloning project of a known Estes etc. design for this type of community project. As a Scale fiend, I'd much prefer to do a project that is based on scaling a known design.

Obviously scale or scratchbuilt - thats up to the community if this takes off. But I'd prefer Scale..

My apologies for not including the drawings of these 3 designs. I've uploaded them to a page on my site, and though I had to shrink them by 50 % they should still be clear enough to read.

Please understand I'm on Tripod, so if the page goes down - due to my exceeding my bandwidth - simply try back in a couple hours. I can't complain, Tripod has been great to me over the last 5 years.

I vote for the Orion II! That's a pretty sweet looking rocket! :D :D :D

I'm for the Orion 2 also Jerta. Looks like it could be a nice looking 3"Rocket.:cool:

Only a couple replies supporting this project so far, with the Orion 2 having a couple votes. If there isn't enough interest, or support then maybe someone has a better suggestion.

Of the 3 I thought of, the Orion 2 was my choice for a starting project as well, with the idea that other rockets we've wanted to build following as we went along.

Hopefully more feedback will be posted on this with your suggestions for designs as well.

Thanks Jason and Mid for your input. 8)

Hey I'm in ... the Orion II looks good to me .... If this project goes ... then maybe we could do the Wac Corporal next ... even make it a scale 2 stage ! The gap between stages could just be filled in and painted .... wouldn't have to be a true gap-stage rocket.
The "Orion 2" is a cool looking rocket, but I like the "Cirius"..... Is that one of the choices?

Thanks !

The Cirius is a design I put together a couple weeks ago. Its not been tested in any program as of yet, just was seeing how it would look, and get some feedback here at TRF.

It looks like the Orion 2 is the choice so far, but I'd like to see if anyone else has a better suggestion, and if we can find a few people to help with the details of design.

I've not done much scratchbuilding, so I'm a bit limited in knowing what needs to be done.

Thanks again, 8)
The <i>Handbook</i> has a whole chapter devoted to scale modeling.
In a nutshell:

Decide on a rocket to model. Research and collect data: contact manufacturer, end-user; measure and photograph the real thing if possible. Determine what scale to size the model. Run CP and CG calculations. Build a less-detailed prototype, looking out for potential problems. then bulid the final scale bird.