Tomorrowland: Disney in Space and Beyond

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I got my copy a month ago, I had pre-ordered it last october from!

WOW, it is so cool! And it was recorded in color! Although it was broadcast in B/W.

This was the first episode of "The Walt Disney Show" cir. 1955. Yes I'm that old!

I especially liked "Our Friend the Atom" the episode on atomic power...LOL!

All of the re-released and now OOP Glencoe models are on it too.

There is a great bit in it when they are on the way back from the moon and they have to dial in a course correction...they use an old telephone dial!

I also got it as soon as it came out ,my favorite is Man in Space I've watched both discs twice now and it even inspired me to build a 50's style rocket

I ordered it from amazon ,after I recieved it, I found out disc 1 was defective
so I sent an email to amazon about the problem,and they sent annother set to my door in 2 days!
and provided a postage free label to return the original ..

great set!
This has been on my wish list for a couple of months now, too.

I never knew the shows were originally in color - megakudos to the Disney archivists for preserving it!

-Vince "old enough to remember when Sunday night was 'Wonderful World of Disney' night".
I first saw those as movies in science class. I loved the Mars and Beyond one - with the atomic powered vessels with the giant radiator discs and the rocket landers. And Our Friend the Atom - with nuclear fission represented by ping-pong balls on moustraps: that made me laugh.
It was seeing those films in schools (on a projector) in 1970 that directly influenced my career in art. They made me want to learn about animation and science. As a kid I used to watch as much sci-fi and science programs as I could, I wanted to see what the ships of tomorrow would look like, then one day, I realized that artists design the future:




You can blame Disney and Van Braun for the ROMAX too.

I got the Tomorrowland DVD yesterday. Oh man, such a rush of memories! This is why I became a space artist! I last saw these complete 30 years ago in school on something called a "film projector".

Hey Shrox,

Is that the rose from "Beauty and the Beast" on top of that Mars probe? :D
Originally posted by kenobi65
Hey Shrox,

Is that the rose from "Beauty and the Beast" on top of that Mars probe? :D
I don't get the reference. I never saw "Beauty and the Beast".

Originally posted by shrox
I don't get the reference. I never saw "Beauty and the Beast".

In short:

The Beast is a human prince, cursed to live in the form of a beast because he's a jerk.

There's a way out of the curse: if a woman will kiss him (motivated by her love for him), he'll turn back to a human. But, there's a time limit on this way out. The timer for this is a single rose in a glass jar: the petals slowly drop off the rose; once all the petals have fallen off the rose, he's stuck as the Beast forever.

Long story short: the rose in the jar in the movie looks just like the one on your Mars probe. :)