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Jan 18, 2009
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Does anyone know how significant the difference would be using titanium versus stainless launch rods, say in a 5 foot length? I need to replace my rusties and have been considering longer lengths and stronger materials.

Website at https://www.bmicad.com/bmilrod1.html seems to stock a wide variety at reasonable prices but the titanium is way expensive. Just wondering if any of you have any thoughts.

Since you're going to the meeting tonight (HUVARS)

Email Jim Fackert and have him bring you a flexy rod . carbon 1/8".

They are only $5 and hehe...the shipping is free!

McMaster -Carr sels Titanium G2 1.4" x 6ft rods for $66.67
Ti G5 1/4" x 6ft $97.86

you do the math......

https://www.mcmaster.com search on titanium rods

I have no idea on the relative merits in terms of stiffness/rigidity of stainless steel vs Ti G2/5...

I can only assume they would be stiffer

wonder what the weight difference if any would be
Yow Gus!
Now your really getting to the expensive stuff! I tried a 3' 1/8" inch grade 5 titainium rod 23.00 for the rod .. It's about 1/3 +/- the weight, a good bit stiffer then my 304 or 316 alloy Stainless steel rods, does the job pretty well but the 1/8" Stainless rod only cost $3.00 bucks! Carbon fibre rod is almost as stiff for about that same 3 - 5 bucks.
I almost had a stroke when I saw the price of the 1/4" x 6 foot Titanium rods!
I haven't seen any adverse effects over the last couple years use on the 1/8"... also cleans up fairly will with fantastic and a paper towel.. they are just SOOOO expensive.
so do you think a Carbon fiber high modulys 1/4" x 6 ft would be significantly stiffer than type 304/316 stainless steel? what about wear and tear?
I Honestly don't know, I haven't looked at 1/4" carbon fibre rods in the longer lengths. Judging from the 1/8" x 3' I've used it should hold up for awaile, but may work more like a fishing rod in the longer lengths allow more flex over a longer arc. I have given some thought to using 1/4" OD graphite tubing or carbon fibre tubing, either would have a higher section modulus than the rods, making them stiffer. Cost and availability get in the way looking for the Carbon fibre tubing also;)

As far as wear.. I haven't noticed any brakedown or surface degrading on the one 1/8" rod I've experimented with. even at the holder where the exhaust seems to always build up that nasty black soot on the Stainless steel, not much seems to stick to the carbon fibres. I have noticed some slight soot build up between the fibre strands in that area but this my simply be me not getting in there when I whip it down.

Thanks for all the great input. I agree that the titanium is way expensive. As my grandfather used to say: "What makes it so expensive? The price!"

I emailed one of the companies that sells different rod types and asked for some comparative technical info which I'll post here if they respond.

And Sandman, as for asking Jim to bring along a graphite rod, my tube order for tonite may already prevent most of us from getting into the parking lot :D . I may have to use the other type of graphite just to squeeze it all into the car.