Three Dude high power flyers in drag having fun

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It was the 'anti-drag race' , but epic none the less!

I think it was the biggest rocket Cris has flown ! (Ducking)

But not the biggest motor ... we did Aerotech F12-5J for the race , thanks Wildman !

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That was so much fun! Any rocket you can deflate and stick in a ZipLok is awesome! They live to race again! Thanks to warnerr, caveduck, Kenrico and cerving for the great trip out to ROCstcock (Mobile Hanger Unit No. 6 is down for smog work) and the playa entertainment!
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It was fun! The entire crowd went wild- everyone got into it. Lots of poses on an way back as we all returned to a heros welcome. It was just funny as heck to watch. With out a doubt was the hit of the day.