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May 10, 2011
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Well, last Sunday my dad got fingerprinted, and today our storage magazine came! Now we need to clean out our garage, and have the fire cheif over, and then theres only a few more things to do before we can send in for our LEUP! Heres some pics of the box....:D
I was opening the box, and the first key went in and turned, but then I tried it in the second hole... "OH NO, THIS BOX DOESENT HAVE GOOD LOCKS!"... Then I found the other set of keys...:eek:
And the last pic. This ones of the inside. are we supposed to take the cardboard out?:eek:
ATF may want it lined with plywood ( or other non sparking material )

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But look at the bright side Joel...

You get to up your post count!

:D :D :D

It says "Powder coated, inside and out, for a durable, spark resistant finish". Is that enough?:confused:
That may be good enough, but so many isses vary depending on the examiner. Might be best to know what its coated in when the question comes up.
It just sez "powder coated".... I couldent tell you for the life of me what kinda powder... Black powder?:D ;) :eek: kerboom!:cool:
From NFPA 1127: The indoor magazine shall be painted red, and the
top shall bear the following words in white letters at least
76 mm (3 in.) high:
Yeah, I know that... My dad is bringing home some sticky paper tonight so we can print that out. So its "EXPLOSIVES-KEEP FIRE AWAY"? in all caps?

"Powder Coated" just refers to an electro-chemical process that they use to coat the surfaces. It involves spraying a fine powder of resin and pigments onto a charged surface so it adheres, then it's baked for a smooth, even finish. The result is a very strong, very smooth, and nearly rust-proof finish. We Navy folk use it all the time for metal that we don't want rusting when it gets blasted with saltwater 24/7.

Is it good enough for the ATF to OK it for spark-resistant?
Should be... it's smoother and tougher than a standard coat of paint... most of what I've seen isn't designed to that particular spec, but if that's what your case was made for, then it certainly should be!

It seems as though this could be a simple welding job.... although I don't know about the "powdercoat finish"...
I thought you needed to line it with wood or a thicker spark resistant material. I dont know why but i really dont think just powdercoating is spark resistant
And we were sure we were buying a ready-made thing... Now I hafta line it with wood!?:( :( :( :(
For Type IV indoor magazines, the BATFE regulations state:

27 CFR 555.210(b)(2) Construction. Indoor magazines are to be constructed of masonry,
metal-covered wood, fabricated metal, or a combination of these
materials. The walls and floors are to be constructed of, or covered
with, a nonsparking material. The doors must be metal or solid wood
covered with metal.

This leaves a lot of room for interpretation by field inspectors on what is meant by covered with a nonsparking material. The explosives industry would like to get this requirement changed because almost all explosives used these days are not spark sensitive. The BATFE argues that because a spark sensitive material (BP being about the only one) COULD be stored in the magazine, it must meet the nonsparking requirements.

I recent;y purchased the magazine offered by MissileWorks. It is large enough so that larger single use and assembled motors will fit, comes with plywood lining, and has the NFPA 1127 required verbage on the top.