The Mysterious X-37 Might be Set to Land

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There is little known about this spacecraft, which lends itself to a lot of speculation. Including when it may leave orbit.

Has anyone flown a scale one of these?


Scott least a scratchbuilt version of one or a variation of one (X-34B , X-40 or whatever)- he posts as "Mercsim".

I built a hand toss glide version which was being set up for an internal pop pod for launching vertically.
Didn't get beyond that as I was waiting to see how Scott's worked out.
X 34 B glider.JPG
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I tried doing a large rcrg but tried just using differential v tail and I was getting blanking of the v surfaces. I think due to the relative size of the wing, cg placement is critical and range is small, and the cg shift of a tail mounted motor was too much. As a glider only scott obviously got it to work. Boost was fine, just no pitch or roll after. I took the forward fuse and wing and turned it into my buran rcrg so it lives on and flies great.
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