CMASS Launch and NRC Event - Amesbury, MA - 26 September 2021

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Amesbury, MA
Our launch scheduled for 25 September 2021 is postponed to 26 September due to forecasted weather conditions.

We’re headed back to Amesbury!! Our 25 26 September launch is a GO. Please read the information we have published about the COVID-19 rules and restrictions, fill in, print out, sign and bring your tracing form with you to the launch. Without the form, you will not be able to launch and will be asked to leave the field. Face covers are suggested for all attendees and are required in line for and at safety check.

We have gotten permission to park at the launch site. This means you can drive out the path to the field and park your car perpendicular to the roadway just far enough onto the grass to clear the path. We can use both sides of the road. Only the trailer and the vehicle towing it are allowed to drive onto the field. Leave an empty car-width space between your car and the next. When you set up your preparation area, leave at least six feet to any other set up; there’s lots of space between the parked cars and the flight line – there’s no need to crowd up toward the flight line.

Set up will be at 9:30 with flying starting as soon after 10 AM as we can. We will be stopping at or before 4 PM, breaking down the set up and packing into the trailer. Many hands make light work so please pitch in.

This Club launch has been approved by the NAR for flying under the National Rocket Competition (NRC). We will be flying the following contest events:

1/4-A Streamer Duration
1/2-A Rocket Glider
A Parachute Duration
A Helicopter Duration
B Eggloft Altitude (altimeter)
B Altitude (altimeter)
Sport Scale (flight qualification only, no scale judging)

Members attending the launch will be asked to help with the timing events. Members flying the altitude events will need to provide their own altimeter and hardware needed to access the altitude data.
Flying of the contest events will be from 10:30AM to 14:00PM.
Entries must be accompanied by a Contest Flight Card. Cards will be available at the launch, but you may also download a card and complete beforehand at this link:
All entries flown must be flown on an NAR certified engine. The list of certified engines may be found at:
Detailed rules for each event may be found in the NAR Pink Book available at:
Section 13 of Pink Book also describes the structure of competition flying in the NAR.

Esther's Engines will be on the field with Estes black powder, Quest Q-Jet and Aerotech motors. These will mostly be motors that have been preordered but check out the rest of the stock they have with them and order something for the next launch.

We will conduct high-power flights as the conditions permit. The wind is predicted to be a little stiff and not in the best direction on Sunday. If you’re new to the club, please bring a good computer simulation of your flight. In any case, please match your motor to the rocket to keep your landing on the field. If at any time the wind swings around and blow toward the wires we will curtail HPR and limit low- and mid-power flights to 1000-ft altitudes

We'll need help at Safety Check, Launch Control, food service and with timers during the NRC events. We had a good number of people volunteer at our summer launches but we need more to fill out the ranks. Please use the sign-up sheet on the club website's home page; if we don't get the help, we can't host a full launch. You must be a Senior member of NAR to work at Safety Check or Launch Control. Anyone can help with set-up and tear-down; no sign-up needed, just lend a hand.
Mother Nature didn't look at the same forecast as I did. While Amesbury had no rain during our originally scheduled launch window on Saturday, she did blow the wind toward the wires. Windy is showing rain during the early part of our scheduled launch window on Sunday but clearing as the day goes on and wind from the west.

We'll meet at the field in the morning and wait for things to get better; we should be able to get some hours of flying in. It will be a shorter Fliskits Anniversary celebration than was hoped but the cake will taste just as good.
Good luck tomorrow!

FYI, even though I'm in the Southeast, I read your rules and it sounds like you are running a smart launch. Sure, restrictions, but they sound smart and given the current situation, a minimal inconvenience.

Hope ya'll have a great day flying!!!

If you have pictures from this launch, please post them in our website's gallery.
If you weren't there, have a look at the picture of the Fliskits' Anniversary cake and drool.

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