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May 10, 2011
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Well, it took me 3 months to get around to, but I finnaly hung my pegboard and got all my rockets grouped in one place. Heres the results. I have 30 ready to go birds, and 20 that need work. Broken fins, missing nosecones ETC. That makes for 50 birds toatal. I have lost about that same number to trees.:(

So heres the pic of EVERYTHING. Well, everything exept one bird that had its MMT blow out, and the one that is sitting up here with me by the computer, that is. so 48 of my 50 birds.:D

A lot of these birds will be flying at CMASS on the 17th.

Just thought I would share!:D
I dunno... 11-20 maybe. I will line them all up one of these days. I would do that tonite, but I don't want to have to put them back right away. Then again... hold for pics.
144 built, 140 to be built, and 12 in various stages of build or repair. Here is a link to my web page, with a list of all the rockets, links to some, and pictures of the rocket room. If you see one in the list, and I do not have a photo of it up, let me know and I will get a new one, up for it!
Nice job of organizing the birds. I'm gonna have to do that someday;)
Tell me about that big (oversize?) Deltie on the right side:confused:
Crud. My cam dont work. I'll try to post pics tomorrow. I counted 13 ready to fly birds, and about that number unbuilt.
Its a Deltie Thunder. Just look on the BMS website. It flies on D13-3s.:cool:

Yeah, I am very suprised at how neat and clean it all looks now!!
I actually lost count since I have been doing this hobby on and off for about 30 years. I know I have way more than 200 model rockets mostly low and mid power, usually about 150 are flyable. I have so many boxes of rockets that when I open one of them I usually find something I forgot about! I didn't even know I had an Estes Prowler until I found the kit today.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
eugh I am afriad to count. I have rockets in like 5 boxes down stairs, there are shelves filled with rockets, they are even hanging in the rafters, every time I go down there I accidentally break something
Here is a picture of part of my fleet. I don't have any more to build right now as I am planning to modify the blue Tethys you can see in the pic for my Level 2 flight.

My newest is the scratchbuilt, zipperless, yellow/black rocket in the foreground. My good friend revkeith suggested the name "Stinger" and I think it fits. First flight will be on a G35, then a G64, then a H128.
You (CAN) do better than that.Lets see some close up pictures of that rocket. You guys would not belive how nice that thing turned out. (yellow and black rocket) And them fins on that thing are unreal swimmer. I'll let him tell the rest. So just pipe in swimmer! :D

Because of the black I can't get a good inside picture. I really haven't been happy with the outside ones either. I'll try again when the sun is bright. I am in awe of the ACE hardware black gloss paint. The yellow is Krylon "John Deere Yellow".

Now, midpwrguy inspired me to try air foiling the fins on this rocket. I never would have if he would not have encouraged me to do so. I may have some up close pics of the fins before I painted the contrasting black and I'll go ahead and post some of them. I'll post some better over all pics later.
When I hear someone ask how many models are in the fleet, I assume you mean readily flyable. not counting stuff you haven't built, had and lost or have laying around damaged. the current fleet consists of 243 standard and LMR models and 95 Micro-Maxx models. this doesn't count multi model types for competition events or duplicates of the same model or kit. I have not clue what that total could be:)
Like Teflon said, you collect a bunch of models over 35 years. Ya just keep building and flying.
Heres a look a some of the fleet in the Rocket shed...I have models in every room of the house except the kitchen and bathroom...I'm working on a Polaris-A for the Bathroom:D

You need to take some medication or something! You have got it really bad. Does your wife have a decorating theme or is it just "early rocket"?

Great fleet, or plethora or something. Fleet just don't get it.

No, really, I enjoy your pictures and all your posts. Keep up the good work and when your wife does have that yard sale have her let us all know on The Rocketry Forum.
Swimmer, amazing finish !!!

Micro....what happens when you want to get to theone in the very back corner ;)
Currently 78 flyers, 44 unbuilt kits.
I'll take some pics one of these days, I promise.
I just need to stop building long enough to get them all into one room. :D

Originally posted by Swimmer
Great fleet, or plethora or something. Fleet just don't get it.

"Heffie, would you say I had a plethora of rockets?"

"Si, El Guapo, a plethora!"

"Heffie, do you even know what a plethora is??"
Originally posted by Ryan S.
Micro....what happens when you want to get to theone in the very back corner ;)

He just has to keep taking out and flying rockets until he gets to the one in the back. Truly a hardship. :D
MicroMister, that's a lot of frickin rockets!

I think the most I had at one time was around 40. Of course, I was going to launches about every month or so. Now, I think I might have 10; the rest are still in my mother's garage in Connecticut. I outta auction them off or something.

I'll try to Photoshop a picture of my fleet...
My fleet...

1 - 4" diameter up-scale of Estes Der V-3.
2 - Scratch-built Halo Eight [built in 1995]
3 - LOC Forte.
4 - unfinished Black Brant VC [started out as a BB3]
5 - LOC Hi-Tech H45 [built in 1993]
6 - Quest Nike Smoke.
7 - AAA Pennsylvania Crude [built in 1990]
8 - THOY Wasp [built in 1992]
9 - AAA LaserSonic 1.2 [built in 1990]
10 - original, though heavily modified Estes Der V-3 [built in 1991]
11 - Estes Nike Apache [built 1990]
12 [laying horizontal] lower half of Thunder'ceptor. Upper half propped up on far right.