The Deuces have landed in Mississippi

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Jan 30, 2009
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The Tour de Deuce landed in Mississippi today! We opened the box in my kid's classroom (my launch team) today to lots of ooo's and ahh's. We are watching the weather for a hopeful launch this weekend. Two deuces and our patriotic deuce will be launched; plus maybe several others as demonstrations for the rocketry as a hobby segment. To determine which 3 kids might get to "push the button" we are having a coloring contest which is a deuce rocket on a State of Miss. profile. This should make a good group picture too. My son's class just finished studying the USA map, so now for the rest of the year they can be "mission control" and maybe track the Deuces across the nation. They are excited that we may be sending the rockets to Wisconsin next! Let's hope for good weather!:cool: :D :D :D
Great news Bill! Glad to see that the kids are excited about the Deuces! I suppose the idea that those rockets have already traveled to 7 states has got to be exciting for them in itself.

That's really cool that you're going to put up a map for them to track the progress of the Tour de Deuce. Projects like this get kids motivated. For them, the US is a *really* large place - much larger than what they can grasp. So you can see how the idea that these rockets are getting some mileage would really put them over the top. Way to put the extra effort for your leg of the tour. I'm sure it'll be memorable for the kids and for you! Have fun!
This is incredible! :) I hope that you are able to take some great close up shots of some of the coloring contest entries! (and you folks thought judging the DOM was tough! Man, I don't envy *that* job!)

keep us posted and tell your kids that Jim, Jason and Eugenio say "HI!"

Originally posted by jflis
This is incredible! :) I hope that you are able to take some great close up shots of some of the coloring contest entries! (and you folks thought judging the DOM was tough! Man, I don't envy *that* job!)

keep us posted and tell your kids that Jim, Jason and Eugenio say "HI!"


No kidding. You'll have to come up with prizes for all of the runners up! Jim, that DOM stuff has got to be a real challenge...with kids though, oooh...that's touchy.

Yep...maybe I can whip up a letter to send them wishing them luck on their "mission" while following the TDD.
Well, the Deuces did not fly today; but they got plenty of exposure anyway. I had to make a tough call because of the windy, threatening weather. The local Chamber of Commerce film crew came and we did our segment on Model Rocketry featuring the Tour Deuces and Fliskits. Jim Flis would be proud. The coloring contest had 20 entrants with 20 blue and yellow Deuces Wild rockets on a profile of the State of Mississippi , with everything from magnolias and mockingbirds to Elvis and Oprah Winfrey! The kids themselves picked 3 winners who will get to "push the button". There were even some 3-D effects: the Deuce hovering over the state! I am taking digital pictures of everything and will put them all on a disc. Not being able to fly today was maybe some relief as this was a lot for one day. We are hoping to do the flying segment with the kids during the next week, possibly Tuesday at the latest. I am aware of the next stop in Wisconsin at the NARCON! Thank you Eugene for your advice!;) ;)
Sorry to hear about the weather Bill. :( If you are certain you are confident in your clustering ability, you might want to go with dual B6-4s. This will definitely reduce the altitude while producing a safe flight. Another thought to consider - reef the shroud lines so that the parachute canopy does not fully inflate. This will limit the drift on recovery. Hopefully your next attempt will bring better weather. Tomorrow our club has its local launch. We too have our fingers crossed!

Take care and let me know if there's anything else Jim, Jason, or I can assist you with.
The Deuces flew today in Mississippi! With the almost perfect weather (mildly windy) and our small flying field, I decided to go for it and not waste the precious window of opportunity. I was going to wait for the next school week for the class of kids who were going to participate, but next week weather was looking bad. With all the red tape to take kids out from school and changing weather conditions, this could go on forever. At least now, the Tour de Deuce Mississippi is complete! I will have to deal with the kids later!!! If weather permits Tuesday, I will launch again with the kids. So we will not have lost anything; if the Deuces are to last for at least 50 launches, one more apiece may not make any difference. The flights were picture perfect: to me this is a beautiful high flight and recovery that travels the whole length of our field and lands softly just within it's boundaries! It was late in the day, and the twin flames really stood out! I am not very successful in capturing the moment of ignition with the digital camera, but I got one of my personal Deuce and we have a video of them taking off in the dark! Eugene, these flew as well as any rocket I have ever launched, with one doing a slow roll under thrust! Maybe it was the Deuce with the deflected fin?:D :D
congrats on the flight ,!!! can't wait to see the night pics!

And THANK YOU for participating! You've gone down in the history books and are in *very* good company! :)

I can't wait for a flight report and all the pictures (highest resolution possible) that you can send me for the TdD photo album!

very very cool (i gots goosebumps :) )
billE...great job on the Deuces man; another great report except...

WHERE's THE PICS???!!! :)

Originally posted by billEblurzz
Eugene, these flew as well as any rocket I have ever launched, with one doing a slow roll under thrust! Maybe it was the Deuce with the deflected fin?:D :D

Bill, CONGRATULATIONS! Well done! Glad to hear you were able to complete the Mississippi leg of the Tour. We can now officially notch your name in the woodpost of "Tour de Deuce" participants. OUTSTANDING!

As for the roll, yep - that's a trademark Jason Toft fin deflection induced roll. :D (Just messin' with you Jason!) We cut him some slack. I figure it just means that we're regular rocketeers - not professionals - just begging to see these rockets fly across the US by people just like he and I.

As for an encore flight, I would use extreme discretion. Our current collective stipulation on the Tour is that each rocketeer has one opportunity for flying the Deuces. Although giving the kids the chance to actively participate by "pushing the button" on the actual TdD models is extremely proactive in what we are seeking in this project, I do believe it to be equal for all of the other rocketeers out there to get their one shot. Perhaps as a suggestion, gather your kids and have them pose with the TdD models. Give them a great explanation of how important it was for you to proceed - ie, it would have held up the *entire* nation if you would have waited for a better launch day that included them. Kids are great about understanding the importance of these type things. Besides, I am certain Jim will publish pictures of *all* participants alongside your launch shots.

Thanks again and we can now look forward to Wisconsin. GREAT JOB!
Here is the initial arrival of the Tour de Deuce to Mississippi and the Mississippi team. My son is to my right and my daughter is holding one of the deuces. This is the 4th, 5th, 6th grade classes at Presbyterian Day School.:)
This was our set for the Chamber of Commerce program spot on Model Rocketry As a Hobby featuring the Tour de Deuce rockets. Notice the Fliskits kits and the unfinished Drake rocket! This program should air in 2-3 weeks. I will try to make copies.:rolleyes:
Launch Day late Saturday: the window of opportunity was narrowly open. Where are those mild summer days! I guess that's why the Tour goes south this time of year!:p winds are GREAT for flags though:D
Here is Deuces Wild #1 awaiting liftoff. The was supposed to BE liftoff....I just can't capture it with this DIGITAL camera!:mad: :mad:
Flight #1 was a beautiful high flight on 2 C6-5s with a long drifting recovery and soft landing right at the boundaries of our field. Here is the recovery team.:D :D
Here is LIFTOFF of Deuces Wild #2....rats...I still can't capture LIFTOFF with this DIGITAL camera!:mad: :mad: Where is my old 35mm!!!!
Great job BillE~!... I just have to say,you have done a fantastic job of getting the youngsters involved...

...the way the tour has been building ,... it just makes me very proud to be a small part of it....way to go!
Flight #2 was the same as the first; perfect ; with the added bonus of the famous Jason Toft induced slow roll at liftoff! It really is cool.;) ;) We also had a VHs camcorder on a tripod so I guess the only way I can catch liftoff is to catch it on TV!!:D :D Really, do you want to see 50 shots of the deuces all alike?:confused:

i love it and I can't *wait* to see the videos!

If you could please send me your pix in email to [email protected] I will work at getting the page up soonest (please provide a caption for each pix too :) )

and I LOVE those drawings the kids did!!!!!! man, i *really* do!! :) :) :)

Closeups of any or all of them would be a blessing! :)

If I did THAT, I guess Jason and Eugene would come down to Mississippi and hunt me down!!!:kill: :kill: The daylight was quickly disappearing and the deuces are really a sight to see at twilight!!! That flourescent green chute gets kinda hard to see! The deuces have been retired for Mississippi now and this was an experience I will never forget!:D :D I hope this was not too long, but it was fun!!!:D
The Mississippi leg of the Tour de Deuce has come to a close. Thank you for letting us participate in this event! So now it's on to Wisconsin and good luck with their flights. FLISKITS ARE THE BEST KITS!!!!:D :D :D