Telemetrum fire igniter test help


Dec 19, 2014
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While I have been able to get my Telemetrum to successfully perform a fire igniter test in the past, I am now having problems getting it to perform the igniter test. I am able to get it to display monitor idle and monitor flight modes, but when I press the fire igniter button, the Telemetrum does not fire the igniter. I have used these low voltage igniters in the past, and to make sure that it is not the igniters, I tried hooking a volt meter straight to the Telemetrum pyro terminal but it also showed no response during the igniter test. I have noticed a pattern in the led display on the Telemetrum that might be significant. The led stays green until I press either the monitor idle or go into the igniter test tab. When I do this, the led flashes red and green.


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Aug 19, 2010
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You won't see anything on a voltmeter because the firing time is very short (50ms). The LED pattern sounds right -- you get a green LED when the TeleMetrum is waiting for radio commands, then flashing red/green during communication. You can also hook the TeleMetrum directly to the computer over USB for igniter testing.

I'm not sure how else you can test things; it sounds like your igniters just aren't being fired. If you've got an LED around, that's a great way to test; otherwise, try a regular ematch to see if it's just your igniters?