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Jan 26, 2009
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thank u, next
Hey all--
This year, the St. Margaret's High School Rocket Club ( if I ever figure out the strange things the server is doing to the HTML...) entered the Team America Rocketry Challenge. Well, we're finally underway, with parts from Fliskits, electronics from PerfectFlite and Missileworks, and of course, two eggs and two stages.

The basic design of the vehicle is two stages, BT70, with a 29mm motor mount in the bottom and a 24mm motor mount in the top. We elected to boost on a blue thunder composite motor (F52 seems like a logical choice -- it'll keep the altitude and cost down) to get things going straight off the rail. Staging will be accomplished with either a PerfectFlite Timer or a Blacksky Timer2N (I own a blacksky, but it's large and heavy for this application...). We're using a D12 in the upper stage (or a C11 if it goes too high... or an E9 if it doesn't go high enough...) lit by a Daveyfire 28B to keep things moving in the right direction quickly and easily (no more igniters sagging in the core of the motor!). We're relying on a MissileWorks RRC2X (leftover from last year's project... minimum diameter M rocket... quite a difference ;)) to handle deployment duties, with backup by the D12's ejection charge. It's got enough oomph to get to the altitude desired, enough redundancy to satisfy the team leader (me! :p) and enough size for the team members to be able to really work on it.

So that's basically it for now... I'll take a camera to meetings and keep you guys updated on how the build and flights go!
Cool project David! Now if only i could find some kids at my school that might be interested. I guess there is alwas next year that I could try.

Keep us updated:cool: