TCC (Tripoli Central California) Helm, CA launch 7/15/17 - Launch is a GO!

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Oct 9, 2013
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San Jose, CA
The June launch was cancelled due to being the same weekend as Father's Day and projected ~110° weather around Fresno, this month a few regulars have already said they're busy but there is someone available to haul the trailer. Trying to determine whether there's enough interest to justify the effort to set up the launch. I'm planning to go, anyone else?

EDIT: Club prez says the launch is a go! Here's the plan, slightly shortened due to the hot forecast:

Meet - 8:30 - setup by 9am
Waiver hot at 9am, fliers meeting
Fly from 9am - 12, slow down for lunch
12-2pm - MAX Q
2pm - last flight call, start tear-down
3pm - start heading out
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I'm thinking about it. The heat forecast has me somewhat damped.
I'm going to be there with a few Junior College science teachers taking a STEM class at Fresno State.

I'm thinking about it. The heat forecast has me somewhat damped.

Yeah, I just checked my weather app and it sounds about as bad as last month. :p July last year it was only like mid-90's there but I basically hit heat exhaustion, thankfully Mike and another flyer whose name I didn't know helped me cool off with ice and shade, I hadn't brought my Ez-Up which was a really bad idea. I'll have shade in case anyone else needs it, but be sure to bring lots of water! The heat there seems worse than Black Rock to me, I wonder if it's the darker soil.

Sounds like they're going to keep finding out about interest for the next few days, and make the call around next Wednesday when the waiver normally gets phoned-in. I'll make sure the responses on this thread are known to the TCC list before Wednesday.
Launch tomorrow, bring out your rockets.

And be prepared for heat.
Nice launch today, pretty good turnout. Thanks again to the TCC regulars for a nice launch.

I flew my 4" Nike Smoke to 7,655 on a K1440. Here's the Eggfinder view via Google Earth.

No photos of it leaving the pad.. It jumped off the pad so fast all I got was a clould of smoke streaming off the pad.

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