TCC (Tripoli Central California) Helm, CA launch 3/18/17 - CANCELLED

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Oct 9, 2013
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San Jose, CA
EDIT: Launch has been cancelled:

Just wanted to let everyone know the launch has been cancelled
this weekend - too much water in the fields and also we have a lot
of pesticides out in the dry ones.

This coming Saturday (3/18) WILL NOT be the next TCC launch in Helm. Mike @ BAR said he'll be there.

Since I went to Snow Ranch this past weekend, I haven't finished any of the rockets on my build/repair pile, so I have the same 2 to fly this weekend as last weekend. But at least with BAR present I'll have a wider selection of motors to choose from. :) It seems I finally have the kinks worked out of doing electronic eject on my 4" FG Nike Smoke, so I'll probably work up to the ultimate goal of K2050ST/K2045VM flights by using a J1520 VMax motor I already have (my first VMax!).
Added note that launch has been cancelled, that didn't bump the thread so I'm adding a reply as well. Try again in April. :(