TCC (Tripoli Central California) Dairy Aire - May 19-21 - Near Fresno, Califo...

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Dec 14, 2010
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Northern California, USA
TCC will be conducting their always fun Dairy Aire Launch May 19-21.

See Club Website for location and launching details.

The launch is 4 weeks away and Club Prez James promises "some fun stuff ..., night launches, nike drag races, cool new T-Shirts and special night show...
Mike from BAR also mentioned that if you plan to order a K2050ST for the Nike drag race to order it NOW, to ensure that he has enough supply for the launch.

Unfortunately my family planned vacation for that week, so I'll be in Vancouver, Canada instead of Helm those days. :cry: Still have my K2050ST waiting to be burned (but at least with the right nozzle as of yesterday). I did fly a J1520VM on my Nike at yesterday's TCC launch, that was my first VMax and a lot of fun. :cool:
Club Email blast from Prez - Nike Drag Race, M motor drag race, night launch, etc

We're almost 3 weeks away from DairyAire!

Notes and planning updates for the launch:

Range Duty
We need some volunteers for RSO/LCO, sign-up is here:

T-Shirt Sign-up
The new T-Shirt design is in progress - hint, it is based off what we discussed at the Christmas party!
More on that soon ...

Please list the shirts and sizes you want, there is a separate field for quantities so we don't confuse any orders.

Nike Smoke Drag Race
- We plan to have the usual mass launch on 4G K2050's - some special Drone filming this time - so please sign up here:

Night Flights
- On Saturday we will have night flights from sunset to 10pm. Please note that you must have lights
on all *separable* portions of the airframe.

- Bay Area Rocketry
- Fruity Chutes
- Real Flight Systems

- Taco Tren Friday and Saturday (Menu TBD)

Saturday Night
- John Kovac has something special planned for Saturday night.

M Drag Race
- Scott, Greg and I plan to have an M drag race ... looking for 1-2 more fliers...
I just got back from traveling and saw this. I've got a lot of repairs to make and other prep if I'm going to make it, but haven't been to a launch since December, so I think I need to make it work.
I took a few pictures at the night launch last night.

ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1495371519.542274.jpg

John Max Venable's rocket on a G75.

ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1495371534.465128.jpg

Thirsty's Partizon on a G75. This is a wider view than the first picture. You can see the LEDs on the rocket after the motor burned out. In the original I can see where they changed colors.

ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1495371546.530847.jpg