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Jan 18, 2009
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I just recieved mine today from edward and WOW he did an outstanding job. Im having him make 2 more for me... A big thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!
I not familiar with STL chutes, can you post a pic.
I'm looking for someone to make my a custom chute.

Here is a picture of the chute I made for Bowhunter.

42" Red Black 10 lines. Rip-stop with 250# Dacron lines. It is a semi-ellipsiodal.
Here is one I made for Eugenefl. It drops 2.5 lbs. The design I call T-Cup. It is ripstop as well and has three 250# dacron lines.
Well max there they are if your looking for custom chutes He's the man to talk to
Here is a LARGE T-Cup parachute! From point to point it is 90"

This is for my L1/L2 rocket :)

Also, it folds between 15/18" long and into a LOC 2.14 tube :)
So *THATS* why you were asking me how I made my parachutes....:kill:

I didnt know you made parachutes too... How long have you been doing this?:confused:
I wondered why you were cause I wanted to know what the standard is. I've been doing this for about 4 years. I have made drogues for a couple skydiver friends and such. I've also been with a friend who works for the National Guard when they do their cargo drop training. They let me observe the class and that gave me *a lot* of good ideas there. It's fun. I enjoy it. I love sewing - the machines are absolutely amazing in how they are built. I like coming up with designs also. All around I like it almost more than flying.

And here it is with the shrouds stretched out. Edward's chutes are extremely high quality compared to other nylon chutes I have used. He does a great job, and I greatly recommend you buy a chute from him. He will accomodate most any type of chute, and provides helpful hints and tips on your chute when you request it.


YES! Edward makes some EXCELLENT chutes! I had him make me a red white and blue 24" chute. It has 9 gores, and it looks GORGEOUS coming down! It brings my stock Super Big Bertha down perfectly. It'll easily take a 12oz rocket, in my opinion, and probably up to a pound with minimal ill effects. Here is a picture of it from the top.

I have a full review of the T-Cup chute coming soon. It's late to write it up completely, but I wanted to share this picture of my DRM under Edward's design. SWEET!!!

(approx 3.2lbs 4" upscale Der Red Max - first flight @ Whitakers 4/27)
I have a pair of small semi-hemispherical chutes (12" designation, closer to what an 18" chute is)

And they are SUPERB! Heck, I even lost one when my Der V-3 landed in a lake, and he sent me a replacement at no cost!

I'm DEFINITELY ordering a larger chute from him for my current project, once I get it built and weighed so I can get a feel for what size it needs to be.....

BTW: I'm kicking myself for not finding this thread before now! :kill:
Originally posted by Fore Check
I'm DEFINITELY ordering a larger chute from him for my current project, once I get it built and weighed so I can get a feel for what size it needs to be.....

No joke! I already have a smaller T-cup on order for my 3" Bullpup.

What's unique about the T-Cup design is that it is a "flashy" or "darn purty" chute to bring back your rocket on. There is a lot of material there giving your rocket a "beefier" appearance to it in the sky. I guess if some aspects of this hobby can label an enthusiast as a "professional" rocketeer, recovering with a T-Cup chute will certainly make you feel like one. I tell you what, my 4" Der Red Max isn't all that big at an event such as Whitakers, but to me it sure felt big recovering under one of Edward's chutes.

Drop him a line sometime. Get a price quote. You won't be disappointed.

(This reminds me...I have a full review nearly complete for the folks on EMRR and TRF to benefit from.)
Folks, I saw Eugene's Der Red Max recover on Edward's TeaCup chute. Man that was beautiful! An interesting thing about the teacup is that as it is descending, the 3 legs on the chutes pulsate like a jellyfish. It looks REALLY cool coming down! I think I may need to get one of those for myself too.
I just got back in from flying one of my crayons and I put edwards chute in it and WOW it was beautiful
Sorry to cross post, but check out the "Kit Reviews" forum for a complete review with pictures. Thanks Edward!
Well I cant wait to start my trail of cert levels but I can say this STL chutes has got buisness for my cert 3 when I get there

I thought I would show you the new chute. 60", 12 panel, Black and White 250# line. I almost don't want to give her away. It's a nice parachute, if I do say so myself. I hope she serves you well!

PS - Here's a more recent photo of a T-Cup in action. This one actually shows scale a little better since I am visible down below.

<a href=>STL T-Cup Recovery</a>. Enjoy. :)