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Mar 2, 2009
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OK... the Starblazer X-20 is my favorite rocket of all time, has been since the first time I saw it in the 1980 Estes catalog. I finally built me a clone early this year. It has always been a dream of mine to build a fleet of these rockets in as many different sizes as possible.

Today was the day to put that plan in motion... :D

OK, actually its been in motion for some time, and Sandman over at Excelsior knows this all to well... :eek: but I digress

I finally got all the parts assembled and today I cut all the body tubes. From left to right are the X-13, X-20, X-24 and X-29.

The X-13 is BT-5/BT-20, 14" long, 1/16" balsa fins, flies on 13mm motors
The X-20 is the original scale, BT-20/BT-50, 19" long, 3/32" balsa fins, flies on 18mm motors. Going for a different finish on this one
The X-24 is BT-50/BT-55, 25.75" long, 1/8" balsa fins, flies on 24mm motors
The X-29 is BT-60/BT-70, 44" long, 1/8" basswood fins, flies on 29mm motors

I've got X-38 and X-54 designs as well, but that's another story... :eyepop:

Don't know if I'll do build threads on them all, but who knows. :p

Starblazer X20 079 cropped.jpg

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