SpaceX Falcon 9 historic landing thread (1st landing attempt & most recent missions)

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The ARABSAT BADR-8 last night woke me up. I heard a rumble and felt the whole house shaking. Grabbing my phone, I saw that it was about five minutes after the SpaceX launch.

We can sometimes hear a rumble from the launches here near Orlando. The sound arrives about four or five minutes after the launch and usually lasts just a minute. We can also sometimes hear a short rumble later from the booster returning.

But last night's rumble was much more intense. I guess the trajectory was just right to send more of the sound our way.
Just noticed there are three Falcon Heavy flights to come later this year :) .

Oh, I meant to come here and post after the last Falcon Heavy Launch on April 30. I noticed two interesting things during the coverage I watched on YouTube from Spaceflight now.

Just after ignition, you could hear a car alarm sounding off - triggered by the launch. (Unless some sneaky their was smart enough to use the launch as cover!)

The second coll thing I noticed is that later as the camera tracked the rocket far down range, you could see a satellite above the rocket traverse the screen from top to bottom.
First stage seemed to perform more gyrations than usual in the last 10KM before landing - normally the landing approach is pretty stable.
2 minutes till start of coverage (on SpaceFlightNow feed) for a potential record setting 16th launch of a SpaceX booster.

[The SpaceX Live feed starts in 45 minutes.]
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A Falcon Heavy launch is in the breech and almost ready to go!
July 26/27 Falcon Heavy • Jupiter 3/EchoStar 24
Launch time: 11:04 p.m. EDT (0304 UTC)
Launch site: LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will launch the Jupiter 3/EchoStar 24 broadband communications satellite. Built by Maxar, Jupiter 3/EchoStar 24 is a Ka-band high-throughput ultra high density satellite for EchoStar’s Hughes Network Systems. Jupiter 3/EchoStar 24 will support in-flight WiFi, maritime connections, enterprise networks, backhaul for mobile network operators, and community WiFi solutions across the Americas. Delayed from May. Moved up from August. Delayed from July 23.
Heavy was already pushed back to tomorrow night. F9 Starlink launch still supposed to go from the Cape just after 01:00 Eastern, about 80 minutes from now.

Edit: seems the time I saw was an hour or so after the actual launch.
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