source for binding posts?

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LW Bercini

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Jun 15, 2011
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Macon GA
I have built a couple of kits that provided a flat-headed binding post for anchoring a rail button through the tube wall (where there is no bulkhead to screw into).

Does anybody know a source for buying these binding posts?
Hey LW, I'm not exactly sure which kind of hardware you're asking about, but I use 8-32 rubber well nuts with great results (mostly in glass tubes but they will also work in heavy cardboard). I get them at our local uber hardware store but this is the same item on Amazon:

Be sure to get the .499 long ones as there are longer versions. The .499's will allow mounting rail buttons next to the MMT when the MMT size is 1" or more smaller than the main tube. You'll need a slightly longer screw than the ones that come with the rail buttons. The well nuts are great because a) they install completely from the outside 2) you can remove and replace at will for painting or maintenance 3) you can use them to mount anything that takes a #8 screw 4) if you decide later you put it in the wrong place you can just move it and patch over the hole. There won't be any problems with hanging up the laundry as long as you keep the upper one fairly close to the end of the MMT.
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