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My cost comparison for in-production Estes is AC Supply, and assuming no cost shipping (there is a minimum purchase).
Baby Bertha is $8.39 (vs. eBay deal $7.50 - and no minimum purchase!)
E-pad $18.59 (vs. eBay deal $22)
Regular Engine Mount Kit $4.49

Addendum -
Also, a couple of my favorite Estes site deals are back in stock today:
Mammoth PSII E2X $18.99
Sizzler RTF 4 pack $10.99 - at this price, my sentinel rocket to assess high altitude drift for recovery purposes
Your comment about the PPE reminded me to look and see if Estes has posted the updated instructions for it. Nope.

My PPE pad suffered some damage during an otherwise normal launch, and another guy's caught fire when his Mean Machine failed to launch. I brought it to Estes attention, and John modified the pad to move the swivel assembly off of the top of the blast plate, and the blast plate out of direct contact with the hub.

You can view the .pdf of what I was sent...

View attachment 002238_Porta_Pad_E_inst_AM.pdf
If you haven't seen it, check out the "Rocketry Deals Finder" at It's not perfect, but it may help you find some bargains at eBay. It's helped me find some great deals a few times.

-- Roger
BTW, when is the moving going to be competed?

We've just now started moving furniture into our new office/warehouse. The main area is probably four times the room we previously had (and we'll have room to expand). But, we're still taking our time to organize it better than before to will make things easier for us and reduce mistakes. Even though most of it will be in the same room, we'll be able to better separate our "warehousing department" from our "shipping department" (we should have signs made). So, we are making progress, though we are behind where we expected to be by now. I hope we'll be back in business in a few weeks. Once we get racks and shelves and stuff in place, it won't take long to unpack (he said optimistically).

-- Roger
I'm signed up for you Email list Roger.
As on your Blog, you are sending notices to those of us on the Email list the day you open?
And, you are having a sale? Correct? (Please?)

We'll send out a newsletter to those who have subscribed. I'm not sure about a sale or not right now. We had let our inventory drop a bit to prepare for the move, so there's not much to put on sale. But, we may do something with out-of-production products and other things we wouldn't normally have in stock.

-- Roger
Estes Jupiter C
1 hour to go
It's only at 46.90 + 9.19 Shipping
Make your bid for it on Ebay "HERE"

Also, Gemini DC
2 hours to go
It's only at 9.99 + 6.65 Shipping
Make your bid for it on Ebay "HERE"

If your interested in a Fat Boy
Just under 3 hours to go
It's at 10.50 + 6.65 Shipping
Bid "HERE"

Estes Pathfinder, level 3
2.5 hours to go
It's at 10.50 + 6.65 Shipping
Bid "HERE"

Estes Starliner, level 3, mini engine
3.5 hours to go
It's at 27.00 w/free shipping
Bid "HERE"

Lot of 9, mixed brands, couple highly sought after
3 hour to go
It's at 28.00 + shipping (coming from Michigan, 7.20 for me)
Take a look "HERE"
Pics are grainy, but names are listed in description.

EAC box with sealed Viper
Get in early, 6 days to go
1 bid, 29.00 + 7.89 shipping
Check it out "HERE"

Someone quick, buy some knives!!! Please......
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