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Feb 5, 2009
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I have been dying. Oh well.

No viruses or other illnesses popular on the west coast. My intestines are slowly being ripped apart by muscle twitching and spasms caused by a Parkinson's-like affliction. I already have a hole in the abdominal wall. It feels kind of like a little alien squirming around and getting ready to burst out, maybe I better keep a video camera handy...

I am down to 141 lbs, not good at 5' 11". I am becoming less and less able to eat. I am pretty weak most of the time, and I haven't street luged in months! At this rate I will not make it to 2005.

I have to go to court 800 miles away next week. I use medical cannabis to quell the muscle twitching and to restore the missing dopamine in my brain. I guess I could go to jail now too, even though I have all the necessary approvals from the State of California. Federal law however views me as a dangerous criminal and says I must be punished for possessing less than 1/4 ounce of medicine. Of course the powerful mind-dulling and expensive painkiller prescriptions are fine.

Whether I die free or imprisoned, I am working to get my rocket designs into the hands of someone that can produce them and get them out to the world. (Not Estes, they emailed me a few weeks ago saying they wanted to interview for their R&D. When I called, they had no idea who I was and the person I spoke with was almost rude. Last I heard from them.) I must have 100+ designs that no one has seen. I am hoping they will prove to be a continuing source of income for my family.

I hope some of you get mad and call your government. If you don't get to see a future with Shrockets in it, blame Washington. I know my wife will.

Yes, this is for real, and yes it sucks. Oh well, I can still eat chocolate, and there is that new Vanilla Pepsi out now.