Shockwave OOP Mach 3+ 6:1 3" VK Nosecone

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Feb 20, 2009
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For sale an out-of-production Shockwave Rocketry Von Karmen 3" diameter 6:1 nosecone. For those new to HPR, Shockwave Rocketry was/is the go-to company for high performance, high velocity flights. The heavy duty molded fiberglass cone is smooth/glossy but will need normal finish work on the seams. As you can see it has a tan, translucent coloring as the Shockwave design specifically does not use polyester finish resins to provide a more high-performance product. These nosecones are famous for Mach 3+ flights using no added reinforcement. 18" exposed, 4.25" shoulder. Price on this is $89 which includes shipping to lower 48. First PM gets it. [SOLD]

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