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Jan 4, 2009
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Father Guido Sarducci please absolve me of my sins.

Yesterday I visited the Sci-Fi Museum here in Seattle and quite a few photos of the exhibits; even not being a strong sci-fi fan. Many people were impressed I was taking so many photos.

Unfortunately, as I exited the museum I saw the banners located everywhere that stated no photography of any sort allowed.

Please forgive me. :blush:
We will, of course, need to see the evidence before deciding what sentence is appropriate. :D

Besides, if you didn't know that photography was forbidden then you won't have been making any effort to hide it. So either the museum had no staff watching what people were doing, in which case photography is the least of their worries; or they did have people watching, the watchers didn't object, so you're in the clear. At least until they send you a parcel with a CCTV video and a note saying "We know what you did, how much is it worth not to go to court?" ;)
Yup, a very nice museum. Do they have the 3rd floor open yet?

Lots of good stuff, don't sweat the photos. I've been going for years and taking photos the whole time.
Interestingly, I have never been to that museum, even though I live here in Seattle. Just one of those things that tourists do more than the locals.

Did you do EMP while you where there?
I for one would be willing to absorb some of the blame if i could see the pictures :)
I think you should share some of the bootie :cool: Well now that we are dieing to see some cool stuff you saw there lol.
I agree with Fred.
I'll be happy to absolve you of all misdeeds once we've had look and the ill-gotten gains