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Now that looks seriously fun. Shame the mirrors are so expensive...

This sort of think is tough to achieve outdoors. Although we did sometimes get a form of it by accident doing ballistic photography on the gunnery range I worked at a while back.
Can't post the pic, but will try to remember to bring it to IRW.
That's so cool! Too bad I don't have a good enough camera for it, or so I would think.
Should work with any camera which can zoom in enough, I'd think. The mirror, light source and filter are the more important bits.
Well the mirror is still a big part...pretty expensive. I'd love to see a Schlieren picture of a rocket launching. A static test of a motor would be pretty cool. A draggy rocket like a saucer would look interesting, with all the turbulence behind it.
yeah Schlieren lights are cool, got to play with a set up for the supersonic wind tunnel at school. we didn't take photos though we had to hang a piece of paper on the wall and mark the lines during the run, not so easy when the run is only a few seconds long.