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Found Scans Of The Estes Cherokee-D (K-47/1247) Instructions, Fins, Decals

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Mar 27, 2013
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I've obtained instructions for the two-part, die-cut finned Cherokee-D (w/the short body tube, and balsa nosecone) (source Estes' instructions site), as well as the instructions that have the one-part, die-cut finned Cherokee-D (with the short tube and balsa nosecone)(source JimZ's site). I've also obtained a set of instructions (and a physical sample) that has the D12-5, D12-7 recommended motors.

Late in production, the D11-9 motor was added to that list of recommended motors. I'm not certain if the instructions or facecard were ever updated to reflect that change, if you have a set that reflects this change, I'd appreciate scans of them.

I'm looking for an actual scan of the early Estes Cherokee-D decals that have the old, pre-Damon era logo with a ruler for scale.


It's clear that the Cherokee-D did come with the old logo early in production, while the kit still had the BT-55V (16.35") body tube. Catalog photos suggest that they may have even made it into the kits with the longer BT-55 (18") body tube (the catalog photo was never updated after 1973).

I've posted a scan of the die-cut, single-piece fins with a ruler, and the decals that have the Damon era logo.