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Wanted Fresh Info And Scans Of The Estes Supernova (2011 and 7248) Instructions And Flat Parts (W/Ruler For Scale)

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Mar 27, 2013
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I'm updating my sims of the Nova kits, and I've noticed that JimZ's site doesn't have them, PDRSDC's scans of the 2011 kit lack rulers for scale, and there's no instructions for either of these kits on Estes' website.

So, I'm looking for everything for these... facecards, instructions, and high quality scans (>= 300 DPI)(.png preferred) of the decals and fins that include a ruler for scale of the flat parts. These will be supplied to JimZ help update his site, and ensure my sims are accurate. I could also use information on the parts (shock cord length/width, launch lug lengths, fin thickness, etc.)

The kits are not identical based on info from the catalog. The new version appears to have the longer NC that is shared with the newest version of the Super Neon, and is 1/2" longer overall.

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I've got one in my build pile, looks to be older. I'll see what I can do for scans.


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    facecard 1 small.png
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Balsa is 3/32"
Shock cord is 1/8" x 12"
This open kit had two nose cones. One is a 2-part; the top is a smidge more than 4" (103.1mm). The other is presumably assembled by whoever opened the kit. It's got the same 4" top, a 21/32" shoulder, and a 7/8"x3/16" rectangular attachment loop.
I've got a balsa bulkhead, 1-1/8" long, either predrilled or just with a lathe center mark.
Launch lug is missing. Per instructions it was 1", to be cut in half. I have a built version somewhere that could maybe confirm this.
Sorry I don't have the scan with a ruler, but I measured the decal after applied to the rocket and it is exactly 5 3/8" (I added that to the decal sheet). Also included the original before I cleaned it up in GIMP.

Hope this helps out..........


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    est2011i CLEAN.jpg
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Here's the SuperNova fin set and manual......... Fins are 3/32" balsa.


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Update: Found a scan I had made at 100%. I rescanned with a ruler.............


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    Decals with Ruler.jpg
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Thanks Guys!

Unfortunately, the instructions don't include part numbers, or lengths, and don't specify the center of the noseblock as being 1/2" from either end (only make a mark 1/2" from one end), leaving the exact measurement in question. With ayryq's info coming from a previously owned, open-bag kit, and that having an extra nosecone, it leaves these questions open... Does anyone have a mint kit (built or otherwise) that they can take measurements of the nosecone shoulder, screw eye, shock cord, and balsa nose block, to ensure accuracy?

Thanks Again!
I've got my old #2011 from when I was a kid - not my first rocket but pretty close (first was Meteor #2025). It's been flown lots of times and if someone has an original unopened kit that would still be a better source.

The two nosecones from my open kit and the nosecone from my assembled rocket (clearly original from the brushed-on paint job!) are all the same. Let me know what measurements you need and I'll make them. The shoulder is 21/32".
The shock cord on my old rocket has definitely been replaced; I can see the old tri-fold in the body tube.
The lug on my old rocket is two parts, each 5/8" long - so originally 1-1/4". From the paint this is also original.
The balsa block is stuck in the payload bay so no calipers but it appears to be 1-1/16". Definitely a smidge shorter than the one in my unbuilt kit.


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