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Rousetech 75/5120 motor for sale

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Rocketry nut

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Mar 13, 2009
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I have had this motor for a while and need to sell it before I leave for the Air Force at the end of September. The forward closure has 2 flights and the rest of the system has 4-5 total. It's in great condition(kept clean) with some marks on the aft closure. Asking $375+another $5 for shipping. I can post pics later.
PM me if interested. Thanks
Come on people there has to be someone who is doing their L3 soon. I leave in a week and a half and would love to get rid of this thing now. Asking $375...brand new they are $520. Can't beat that!
Going to have to pass on this :( Payroll mucked up my check this week:mad: Making it a public announcement so others know that the case is still available! Grab it! It is a HECK of a good deal! Truly wish I could but more pressing matters to tend to-mainly a mortgage payment:bangbang:
I already own this case or would be all over this deal, this is a great case with 3 L loads and 2 M's available. There might even be a Cesaroni load for it.
Free bump for you :D
Jon, sorry it's not working out for you. I actually have someone else looking at it now. Good luck with L3 though!

Yes you can use the CTI L1115 in it. That's what I flew in my Hyperloc 1600 at MWP.