Rip stop nylon

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I get all of my ripstop from Hancock Fabrics - it is the cheapest place in town and they have a better selection than Jo Ann Fabrics. Once in a while a Fabric Outlet here will have a 1/2 off sale and then that is cheaper than Hancock - but not much.


Check with revkeith and see if he has any ripstop nylon left.

If your interested send me an email or pm and I'll give you all the specs. Also, I'll give you a good TRF discount. Hope this helps,

The best way is with a hot knife - it's a tool that is like a soldering iron and it seals it from fraying. I don't have one and haven't had any interest in it. The next best way for me is a rotary cutter :) Makes clean edges. For getting a good edge a serger machine is very nice. :)

The best way for me to cut and hem ripstop nylon is to ask my wife to do it.

Thanks guys, guess I will try and use an old soldering iron with a modified tip, or do it the proper way and get the wife tyo do it LOL.
If you have a skydiving club around ask them - that's where I have seen these things before. Maybe go to They might have one also.

I found ripstop at Walmart in the clearance bin for $1 a yard.