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Feb 3, 2009
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As Memorial Day weekend draws nearer preparations for the National Sport launch are ramping up to a crescendo.
NSL 2009 now features five fun events.

The L-1 build and fly will put six teams of four rocketeers each in competition to build a 4" diameter rocket (donated by LOC precision)
as quickly as possible. Once the rocket is prepared for flight and checked in the teams will be required to submit their predictions for the duration of the rocket's flight time.
The winning team will be the one to excel at both tasks.

The secret payload duration event will be open to all and run until Monday midday. The payloads will be introduced to attendees at a Saturday morning flyers meeting.
The impulse level for the event is limited to a single "G" motor but you can use lower impulse motors to fly this event as the payload is small enough to fit in many model and mid power rockets.

The Crazy TIM drag race is sponsored by Wildman rocketry. I understand that quantities are limited but Tim is still selling a Wildman Jr. kit with a 1 grain Cesaroni casing, delay tool, and
G69 skidmark reload for the incredible price of $100.00. The drag race is scheduled for Sunday at Noon.

The new NAR High Power competition rules are out and we are running with them. NSL 2009 will host the first upscale competition on Sunday. See the complete rules on the NAR website.

Monday will feature the Saturn Mass launch. I'll be bringing along an Estes Saturn V and my Semroc Saturn 1B. What will you fly to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the Saturn launch vehicle(s)?

Early registration for NSL2009 will end on May 9th. After that date all registration prices will be raised $5. per day. A three day Adult pass is now online for $35.00. After May 9th that cost will be $50.
Park entrance stickers will no longer be offered online after that date. You will still be able to purchase them at the gate but you will pay more for them and you will be waiting in a long line of cars to do so.
We will be mailing the stickers to those who have ordered them in advance after this date so you can attach them to your windshield and drive right on in.
Do not hesitate to register as soon as possible. Paypal is now working! The post office is still delivering mail six days a week! The Boy scouts are cleaning their griddles getting ready to serve up hot food.
The dumpster and porta potties are ordered. Launch pads of every size and shape will be available for you to fly anything from a 1/4 A Gnat to a screaming snorting "M" powered beast.
Hybrid ground support will be in place. Vendors are stocking their trailers and packing their kits.

One last thing. Our block of hotel rooms at the Country Inns and Suites expires on April 28th. After that date all bets are off for hotel rooms.
The hotel is very nice, has a great breakfast, and is close to the launch site.

I hope you will join us at Richard Bong state recreation area for NSL2009 on Memorial day weekend.
We plan to have a lot of fun,

Scott Goebel
WOOSH president
TRA #6773
L-3 certified nut

Dumb question about the Secret Payload Duration contest. Does the secret object require a payload section to rest in, or can the object be taped to the recovery harness, etc.?

I'm trying to decide on a rocket to bring for that contest, and need to know if I need to bring a bird with a payload section on top.

Thanks! Can't wait for the event!

The payload may be attached to it's own recovery system and set free of the rocket. Longer duration times are then guaranteed.
The last time we did this the guy who won simply used the payload as a boosted dart on top of the rocket. I believe a radio tracker was used to find it.
Serious stuff,
Another few questions about the payload duration...

Can a G75 be used, or are we only allowed to use Gs that can be flown without a L1 certification?

Also, how are the durations timed? Are they timed by someone on the ground with a stopwatch or by onboard electronics?
Durations will be timed from the ground by a trusty volunteer with a stopwatch.

I can't tell you about whether a G75 is legal, but I vote "yes".
If you decide to use a "G" that you need to be certified L-1 to fly then you will need to explain that to the RSO.
Otherwise any "G" is fine with us, It's all for fun.