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Mar 23, 2011
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AT just certified the 38mm I600 Redline for the 38/720 (J350) case!!! This is gonna be one sweet reload! Check out more info in the forum under general discussion.
this would be good for the I bowling ball lift. A full I, high impulse.

Can't wait to fly it in my Black Brant II.....drool.....
Way Cool!!!

I may have to build a rocket just for this load. Does anyone know what the burn time on this load is? I'm thinking like 1.1 seconds myself.

I wonder if my Binder Stealth could handle it.

Hey Joe, I think I'll take a truckload of these:D :D :D
I coudlnt find it but Joe was talking about bringing a bunch for LDRS for the Bowling ball lofts in a different thread
Yeah, the main intent was for bowling ball lofting...but I'm gonna use it for Phoenix launching!
I said in another thread it would be cool for a Minee Magg or maybe a Warlock...droool....Warlock...


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