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Apr 2, 2003
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I'm currently working on a 3" diameter 60" long rocket. It will be dual deployment capable (which is the reason for the length). It has a 29mm diameter phenolic motor tube. I want to be able to fly it on everything from a G40 to an I200. But here lies the problem. The fin's are 1/16" fiberglass and to-the-motor-mount, but the airframe is LOC tubing. Will it need to be fiberglassed to handle H268's and I200's? But will that add too much weight, to the point where it will not fly well on G motors?

Also, one thing that may affect your opinions is that the main airframe is 24" long and the altimeter bay/main chute compartment is 24" long. At the split I use my usual dual deployment setup, made with phenolic couplers, 1/16" G10 fiberglass sled, plywood bulk plates, and stainless steel harware. Will that reduce the stress on the airframe? BTW, West System epoxy with colloidal silica filler is used throughout.

The attachment shows my 1.5" dia. altimeter sled, but the 3" dia. version used here will be very similar.
Your 3" Loc tubing rocket will not need any fiberglassing For I200 flights. (cool motor) Just make nice West/Silica fillets and youre all set for G - I flights.

I know LOC tubing to be pretty strong and light. Just sand thoroughly where the fins will be glued. The shiny surface isn't too good for holding on to epoxy.