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Nov 11, 2015
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New Brunswick, Canada
I have a couple of quick questions...

Re: CA MODA 3750-HF Transmitter

- How do you change the battery on this unit? Does it have to go back to Walston?
- Is there any way to tell how much battery life the unit has left?
- I have about 18" of space in my FG nosecone but the transmitter is about 20" long. Will it function okay if the end of the antenna is "curled around" a little in the nosecone?

Also does anyone have factory instruction sheets on the transmitter (above), the Walston folding antenna and the TRX-3S Receiver that they could scan and email to me? I bought these items on this forum (used) and they did not come with any paperwork.

I tried emailing Walston several times (got bounces) and I tried to call today and received no answer and they don't have voice mail. Does anyone know how to contact them?

Thanks in advance...
To the best of my knowledge Walston is not really in business anymore.

I have the instructions but I am not anywhere near a scanner.

That transmitter- I think the battery was just replaced when it ran out.

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Scuttlebut in the free flight forums is that Walston systems are still serviced by the company that made them. The company makes falconry beacons.
As far as I know nobody knew that the Walston system wasn't produced by him but contracted out. I'll try to find the relevant information.
I found the information. The Walston systems were built by Wildlife Materials Inc. Website is All free flight inquiries (not sure for Rocketry) are to be directed to Mike C. at 1-800-842-4537. So if you have a Walston system it doesn't look like all is lost! Good news!