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Jan 27, 2009
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I am buying all my recovery hardware tomarrow (swivels, quicklinks, etc...) I plan on upgrading it a little. On my last 10# dual recovery rocket I used a 130# link for the drogue and 660# quick link for the main. My next rocket is 15#'s and the swivels are stronger so I want to use stronger links. Is 130#'s still strongh enough for the drogue? I am more conserned with the main link. I have seen 880# and 1540#. 1540# is closest to the 1500# swivel it has but because the links are round I dont think that 1540# is necesary. Is 130# plenty strong for the drogue and is 880# plenty strong for the main deployment??? The rocket has a large main chute and will fall around 50FPS... it weighs about 15#'s. Last question... if I took an 880# link and put 900#'s on it would it snap and break or just bend? It doesn't seem like something like that would snap so easily.