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Would you pay $320 for a Full 'L' Skidmark?

  • Nope, would rather have an 'M' for that price!

  • Heck YES, LOVE those Skidmarks!!!!

  • Nope, would rather have an 'M' for that price!

  • Heck YES, LOVE those Skidmarks!!!!

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Jan 18, 2009
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If you are like me you ( or not ) in having to many rockets and no way to properly display our finish model rockets. Unless you
build you own display stands . Would you buy a Quest display stand if it were sold separately and how much would you be willing to pay.

At This time I do not know the answer to your question . I hope to get a good response to this poll and forward results to Quest to see if this would be a good marketing Idea.

I could definately use some more, but would only buy them if they were $0.50 or less, like a 3-pack for a $1.
Any more than that, and I'd rather just glue a spent casing to a CD or something like that.
I like the Quest stands, and those parts probably costs Quest less than a nickel each, so maybe they'll offer a 3-pack or something sometime.

BTW, I voted yes on the poll, but only if they're cheap, like me. ;)

I hear ya I'd like to see these display stand cost next to nothin' myself . But in reality maufactures gotta make a buck. and as you know all Quest item are packaged in Mexico and I'm not sure if any or all of there injected molding plastic parts are also made in Mexico. If that be the case, I'd pay less than 1/2 the price of Quest cheapest kit tops. But to do this poll I had to set the dollar figure somewhere . So lets hear from you all Pro or con input is important so VOTE. Thanks

BAR John
Personally, I've bought a couple Quest Rockets just for the display stand. I've considered resin casting a master so I'll always have some on hand. I really like these for low powered stuff. Would I buy them if seperate ?

Sure would, just because it would save me using my 60 dollar resin kit for such a small item. 8)
I got my first Quest display stand in the Penetrator quick-kit I built last weekend. The stand has NO CHANCE of keeping the 1.1 meter long Penetrator upright, but it does a beauty of a job displaying my Custom Razor.

IMHO the best, comercially available, rocket stands are the ones from Semroc.
Yeah, there not much good for the tall rockets, but I've got about a dozen of them holding shorter rockets on top of my bookcase now. I think the one from my Penetrator is actually holding my Estes Cluster Bomb. :)

I got mine with the Quest Falcon , I like them , just like you said , not to stable with taller and heavier rockets......
I talked with Bill Stine today.
Price is 3 @ $1.99
P/N #7900
623 434-0324

but Cost is 5% of gross order plus $6.00 shipping. parcel post
I have 10 -3 packs comming.w/ shipping totaled less than $30.00

I might add that when Red Translucent stands are gone stands will be replace with all black display stands gettem while they last....