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Mar 26, 2004
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So I'm thinking of having my X-calibur painted by a pro and was wondering what the best paint would be to use on this rocket. The paint guy is a buddy and he will spray it for free but he told me that he's never painted this type of tube. Is any automotive paint good for this or is there a special type of paint that he should use?
He does custom paint on guitars for a living and does some very cool work but as he told me he doesn't paint rockets everyday.
What exactly is the make up of QT tubes?

recently I painted a PML kit (Callisto) with some of that neat color-change paint. I think the brand was Mirage, $20 at the auto store. following directions for a change, I slightly roughed up the rocket before spraying, and the primer and paint turned out just great!!

on the one hand, PML poop-pipe and G10 fins sure turn out nice and smooth without any effort. on the other hand, by contrast every imperfection in your fillets and nose cone prep shows up!!