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Jun 30, 2010
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Firstly I would like to ask if anyone knows where I can find Pro38 3 Grain Reloads in the UK please ?

Secondly has anyone got pic's of their Pro38 casings with the reload please , so I can see how to do motor retainment.
Karl, not sure where to get them in the UK, but on the pro38 website there is a picture, albeit a small picture, that has the full line standing up, and the 38mm's loaded laying down.

a standard mirror clip will work just fine, as will a washer on a machine screw, for that matter.

Scott McNeely
The only thing is my rocket is 51mm in dia , and the pro38 motors are 38mm . So theres not much room for retainment. Do I need a thrust ring?
ProXX motors are similar is specifications to compatible diameter Aerotech motors. There is a thrust ring integrated into the aft end.

Retain a Pro38 like you would an Aerotech 38mm.

HTH, --Lance.