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Jan 18, 2009
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Ummm, Errrrr,
I'm kinda new at this so could I get some help in posting pics?
I scan them into my computer as a Jpeg and every time I try to attach the pic to my post it states the file size is too big. Is there another part of this forum I should be looking for info?
Sorry to be a pain, thanks folks.
I think the maximum size you can post is 100kb.
I use pics resizer.
There are a number of free jpeg editors and resizers out there just do a search.
Two major ways to do this:

1) resize the pic to just what you want

2) some programs can allow you when you save to change the quality to lower but with better compression. Look ay the program's help file for specific details
Check out Irfanview (weird name & even weirder icons but great program!)

It can resize & convert almost any image file format. It's free too!

welcome to the forum local,we just love it when photos get posted.I think ill follow some of that photo resize advice because i have the same problems with some of my pictures:)
in Irfanview you can simply open a pic and save it , when you reopen it ,it will automaticly be compressed , no settings necessary, great program
When resizing, look to make your pictures / photos no larger than 800 pixels in any direction. (Web pictures are typically 800 x 600 pixels) I've found that this makes for a 'nice sized' picture. There is usually a command button or somehting to help reduce or enlarge a picture. Not to be confused with 'view'.

Depending on the size of the original being scanned, the detail level, the scanner, and software, you can end up with a picture that is over 2000 pixels in one direction.. and well over a typical '100kb' file size limit.

Scanners usually come with a 'photo editing' software. Using it properly, fully understanding how to edit teh pictures will greatly add to sharing your 'online photo album'