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May 31, 2018
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Hi TRF colleagues,

I just bought an iPhone 15 Pro Max. My previous cellphone was quite outdated, so I thought that I would indulge myself.

I mainly wanted to have a good camera, so currently this is the best in the iPhone lineup as I understand it.

So, here’s my question, please.

When I take a photograph, can I determine its file size? I am trying to see how much more space a RAW photo uses than does a JPEG, and in general I am experimenting with different file formats.

I understand of course that, once I download the photograph or send it to my computer one way another, then I can find the answer to this question. However, can I determine the file size before I send the photograph to my computer? If I can, then I can more conveniently conduct experiments pertaining to file sizes.

Thank you.

Yes, you can find the size of any image your library on the phone:

• tap the photo so it is full screen
• slide up on the photo to reveal the Info pane
• at the top of the Info pane, you'll see the date and time of the image, the iPhone model, and which lens took the image
• just below that you'll see the image size in Megapixels, pixel dimensions, and file size
• below that you'll see a line with a bit more technical info – the ISO, focal length, F stop, and exposure time
• you may also see items detected by image analysis and a link to a website with more info

I have a shortcut on my phone that allows me to resize an image as a copy before I share it. I'm pretty sure I used this tutorial to set it up. I like that you can not include the metadata with the resized image:
You can also tell iOS to convert the image to JPG when you share it, and whether to include location info:

• tap the Share button
• tap Options near the top of the screen
• turn Location on or off
• set format to Most Compatible to convert other formats to JPEG if sending to a non-iOS device

Congrats on your new phone. If you are new to iOS, I strongly suggest watching some tutorials for it, especially the camera app if that is your main use. The image adjustments built into the camera app are really impressive and allow for a ton of non-destructive adjustments right on your phone. The low-light photography capabilities are very impressive as well.

Enjoy the new camera – I mean, phone!




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