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Jun 30, 2010
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I've just located a reasonable launch site called ' Heslam Park ' In preston , I'd say its capable of launching up to a F motor . It's just off Blackpool Road & Tom Benson Way. There is a small ammount of trees at the back of the field , and small ones that are climb-able dotted around the place. It also houses a small pond for ducks which is quite a way away so I dont think thats a problem.
Yep , it was VERY nice there , nice & clean , well kept.It's also got a cannal at the back aswell! The grass is always short cut , and realy ideal for launching! Even tho' it was a realy nice day today , red hot , blue sky ect , there was only about 50 scatterd about :D
Theres also another public place called Ashton Park

Ashton Park is a bit bigger than Haslam Park , and it's only a football field & a sports field . So no ponds , trees , ponds ect. I wish MultiMap would give you a size chart just to check how big the field is.......:(