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Jan 17, 2009
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It's a very sad day For Everyone in Rocketry.

I've heard through the grapevine That Paul Passed away on saturday morning.

All my best to his family and friends. He will be missed.

Paul was a very good friend of mine. I will miss him and I will remember everything he has taught me. He is a great character, a caring person.

I want to share one story. During the time I was helping him move out of his Pelham, NH property, I was also in the market for a new bed. Paul gave me his Queen size bed since he knew I needed a bed, and it was to big for him to move. He was a great guy.
Paul was indeed a good man. Several years back, he learned I was working with a couple SLI teams. Paul immediately volunteered to do some things to the benefit of the teams, without being asked, and without compensation.

It wasn't the only time I saw him doing things for others, without being asked, and without asking anything in returned.

Paul will be missed big time in the rocketry community. I was very thankfull I had a chance to talk to him for the last time at LDRS this year. It was hard knowing that I might not see him again, but he was very up beat, as normal with him. I'm planning on flying mostly Skidmarks at Mid West Power this year & dedicating them all to Paul.

I'll miss him, but at least he won't need a waiver to fly what ever he wants now.

terrible news. thoughts and prayers to his family and everyone who knew him...he made a hell of an impact on amateur rocketry.