Papa Elf's Warlock Build

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Good morning. For finding fonts, I start with these two sites:
I've done a few scratch liveries (best to date was on my Mega Red Max) using a Cricut Explorer 3. I had to figure out how to do the multi-color layers and after some trial and error, it turned out great but it was a lot of work. If you have the gear, it's fun to do but Mark at Sticker Shock has made custom decals for me and they always turn out great.

The Warlock is turning out great and I always learn something new from watching others build. Thank you for this thread.
Got our first major snow fall and now temps are officially to cold to paint. Waiting for warmer weather now :)

Guess what. Warmer weather is here! And I am itching to get this beast finished :). I am thinking of other ideas besides Der Red Warlock for finishing. Any ideas?

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