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Jan 19, 2009
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I seem to have a small back log of rockets that need to be painted! I am sure ALL of us do, just how big of a back log do you have? I have 10 currently awaiting paint..Two of those have been needing paint for the last 30+ years!:eek:

Figured I would post it here in the General Discussion forum as I am sure there are some Mid and High Power guys that have a bunch of painting to do! ;)

So, let's see what ya got waiting in line to be painted!

Here is what is on my 'To Paint' list generally going from front to back:
Estes Nighthawk- at least it has primer on
Mini Bomarc- 30+ years it has been nekkid!
Estes Sr-71
Scratch built Bio-Hazard MKII
Semroc Laser-X (Leaning against the Bio Hazard)- In primer!
Estes Alien Invader - Been nekkid for 30+ years which I FINALLY finished putting together last year!LOL
Estes Rock-it - just finished yesterday! :p
Fliskits Stingray - one I had stalled on- finally finished building it tonight!LOL
QModeling XP-Raptor
Semroc Hawk - not sure IF I am going to paint it..still need to check it and see if I got the trim right for it to glide!

Paint 004.jpg
None as of now. I have a professional industrial steel painting background so it's the easiest part of the job to me. I have what's called a touch up spray gun, not a big as a full quart can sprayer and bigger than an airbrush by quite a bit. I've painted many large projects with it and find it easy to use and more conveinent that the bigger spray gun and much faster than an airbrush.

Of course I've used rattle cans a lot, too. Mainly the cheapest store brand I can find. WalMart paints work very well for me and are very cheap.
I have what's called a touch up spray gun, not a big as a full quart can sprayer and bigger than an airbrush by quite a bit.

That's what I use as well. Much easier than canned paint on those large projects like my 6" L3 bird and a 12" group project I painted, although I use it for all my mid and high power and even some low power when I have neat color in mind I can't get in a can.

Currently, I have two in the paint cue which are all primered and ready for color. A Madcow Jayhawk and a downscale 3" Binder Velociraptor. Believe it or not the last few weeks have been too cold IN FLORIDA to paint!
Believe it or not the last few weeks have been too cold IN FLORIDA to paint!

I can believe it! Even here in Georgia!:eek: Right now it is a balmy 27 degrees with a 'feels like' temperature of 13 due to 20-28mph winds!:eek:x3

Should be a REAL FUN night at work tonight!:rolleyes:
Only two in the process of painting.

About 4 waiting for decals.

Phred, when will the mini shuttle decals be out?
Ready for paint:
- FatBoy/Saturn 1B Kitbash (lower section needs some paint repair)
- Semroc Laser-X (white base coat is on)
- Estes Executioner (white base coat has been on for a few years!)

Ready for primer:
- Estes Patriot
- Estes Guardian
- Sunward CFX Six Footer
- LOC Tweed-B

Freash out of the paint booth:
- Custom Ion Pulsar
Mini Bomarc- 30+ years it has been nekkid!
Don't ruin it now! lol
Estes Sr-71
Flat black! How hard is that? :D
Ha, ha - I'm one to talk. My current project awaiting finish paint is an Apogee SR-72 Darkbird: primed and sanded a couple of times, just needs the flat black. No weather excuses here, except that it is spring-like and I've been working in the garden on weekends, not painting rockets.
Oops - I forgot to mention a Semroc Centurion is ready for paint too. Mine didn't turn out to be as big a list as I thought. We won't even mention the ones that aren't even ready for primer yet.
I have a few.

Scatch build (still nameless, getting close)
Giant Leap Talon 3
Pem Tech King Kraken coming up

Today, it is 10 degrees outside. It is supposed to get to 50 over the weekend, but I still have sanding to do. :(
I still need to do some painting but most of them just need to order decals from Phred.

1. The BT-60 size Launch Pad Phoenix

2. The Centuri Mach-10 Clone

3. The Centuri ESS Raven Clone

4. The Upscale Estes BT-80 Renegade
( have to paint the lower section black )

5. The Estes Mercury Redstone





I did a quick count, and I have 36 built models (more or less) either unpainted or in primer. My "To Be Painted" models far outnumber my painted ones.

This number represents the majority of my builds over the past couple of years. I held off on painting them until I could teach myself how to execute a halfway competent job with rattle can paints. I finally got going this summer and got a half a dozen painted. Because I was concentrating on painting, my pace of new rocket construction slowed to a trickle this past year.

I only resumed building paper-tube-and-balsa type rockets a couple of years ago. I restarted my rocketry hobby in 2004, and for the first couple of years after that, I built cardstock/cardmodeling-type rockets almost exclusively. These did not require painting.

Painting weather will arrive in my area around early June, when daytime temps will become warm enough to allow spray painting outdoors.

The daytime high today was 7° F. A little chilly, but not too bad. Right now it is -11° F.

Mark \\.
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I have none!!!!!!

most my painting is done in my lab over a bin, i paint about 3 -4 times a week.
I have two scratch build that need paint, and one of them probably will never see paint. For my Borealis, I turned to toll paint, they're not as sensitive to the weather as spray paint, and I really like the results.
..Two of those have been needing paint for the last 30+ years!:eek:
I know where you're coming from. Last year I finally painted my Astron Shrike that was built in 1972. I just wanted to make sure the sealer was good and dry before painting.
I know where you're coming from. Last year I finally painted my Astron Shrike that was built in 1972. I just wanted to make sure the sealer was good and dry before painting.

I think it might still be a little wet... ;)
My backup is extensive, and hasn't shrunk recently. I currently have a Fliskits US Tog that's been half painted for about 4 months now...
The weather was sunny and warm today so I gathered up my winter LPR/MPR projects and went outside for some final sanding.

Included in the pictures:

Estes Stormcaster
Flis Deuce's Wild!
Flis Triskelion
PDR Scorpius
Quest Intruder
Red River Quarc
Red River Prometheus
Rockitflite Fake-Wulf
Rowe Rocketry Drifter
Rowe Rocketry Starfire
Rugged Rockets Solar-Venture
Semroc ARCAS (dual-deploy)
Semroc Golden Scout (#1103)
Semroc Micron
Semroc Rawhide
Semroc Squire
Semroc Swift
Squirrel Works Dogfight
TLP Type-30

Lots of work to go...


It's actually above freezing this weekend, but I don't have primer! :(

Guess I just have to wait another month for the next chance.
Well, the deep freeze we had been experiencing this last week is gone and I got a chance to get some paint on some rockets!

First up is my SEMROC Retro-Repro Laser-X..It is about 90% faithful to the cover shot color scheme..The only things lacking are the red forward fins and the black fin probes..Still looks nice tho I think..Decals went on nicely-even the 2 wraps!

Next up is the Fliskits Stingray..Went with black and a red stripe on the top side..Rumor has it that the aliens have some sort of 'device' in the nose, hence the 'wrinkles'

Painting 001.jpg

Painting 002.jpg

Painting 003.jpg

Painting 004.jpg

Painting 005.jpg
The next 'victim' for my painting jamboree is the Estes Night Wing..Went with a plain gloss black appearance..Applied a few of the peel and stick stickers..Not perfect but not too bad..

Then came the Estes SR-71..Again simple..Flat Black..I have some decals around here I think to put on..Not sure where they are, so just may leave it as it is..

Painting 006.jpg

Painting 007.jpg

Painting 008.jpg

Painting 009.jpg
A LOT. Well at least for me. I'll give you guys/gals the list tomorrow, if I can remember.:p
Next up comes the Estes Rock-It..I looked and had thought wrong in having the 'hammered' paint..So, off I went to W**Mart..Got some more primer and a can of Rustoleum Stone 'textured' paint..Official color is Caribbean Sand..Originally thought this paint was crud..But after getting the gunk out of the nozzle it went on fairly good..I also printed out the little graphic posted by someone else earlier in this thread of the 'rock age racers' and stuck it on too!

Last one done over the weekend was getting primer on the XP-Raptor..Realized I don't have a gloss gray color..I may got with Bronze as the lower section color and then the transition being black with the upper section white with a black nose cone..Need to hunt down the decals for this one too!..Sheesh..

So, not bad..Got 5 done and one partially done..Tuesday looks like it will be another nice day so I should get the Raptor finished up then..

Painting 010.jpg

Painting 011.jpg

Painting 012.jpg
I can't tell you how many I need to primer or paint. When I do get a actual count I'll break it down into Five groups.
1. White Fleet - Built either brown/ white Bt, balsa/plastic NC
2. Gray Fleet - Primered
3. RFPD Fleet - Ready for paint and Decals
4. RFS Fleet - Ready For Service
5. HQ Fleet - Repair Required (Hangar Queens)

However I did Get some paint on my Solar Sailer II. Orignal kit Now onto decals. Primered a Custom Rockets Land Viper clone & Mantra clone. Quest Astra & Upscale FlisKits Triskelion.

I have 2, USS Enterprise and Aries SST. I will try to paint them on Wednesday if there is no rain. I learned years ago from building plastic and balsa models to complete what I am working on before beginning a new project. Unfortunately model rocketry is a different breed since painting depends on the weather.:cool: