Our fist attemt at a mid power

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Sep 17, 2004
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Here is a executioner that my son and I have been working on
It is his paint idea.My son is 8 years old and we have only been in to rockets for about 2 months but we got the bug bad we have
9 rockets to our fleet.I have been doing car models all my life but have quiet and am doing the rocket thing.

great job with the paint, somebody has some natural talent!
Stymye the paint job kinda came from you my son liked yours but
he wanted flames so that is how we got the paint job.It was all done with Spray paint cans.

Tom & Skye
Man! I'd sure like to hear about your masking techniques. I don't think we're talking about blue vs. beige vs. clear here. :)
This is how I did it,

First done all body work,then I put a base coat of crack filling primer, then 2 or 3 coats of white,then 1 coat of clear wet sanded, Then I tryed something new I took And drew flames on AVery sticker paper and I always use painters tape,then used the out line for the blue and the flame cut out for the red. Putting clear on between every coat and wet sanding.Let dry for 24 hours and clear coat the hole thing and wet sand and clear coat until desired shine.

Children are reading this forum.
The correct sentence is:
"My son and I are having fun."

That is one fine looking rocket.
Very nice. Not bad for a beginner. Shoot, that's AWESOME!! I wish I could get my flames to look like that.
That paint work is fantastic, I sure wish I could do stuff like that.
And starting out with an Executioner for a first rocket! Wow, I guess that means you will just be warming up when you launch something to the moon?
I would be ashamed to say how many years it took before I ever built anything that big, or moved up to mid-power. Looks like you are going to fit right in here as one of the experts!

You and your son have done an excellent job on that Executioner.

F21W (singleuse); F24W (reload); E18W (reload)...stop me when I pick the right motor you are going to fly it on 1st. :D
Oh man...

I f'got to reply to this thread. Skipped my mind.

Anyways, that's an AWESOME paint job! I tried going for a patriotic paint scheme with my Executioner. I though it came out quite nice. This rocket flies BEAUTIFULLY on the E18W reload, and you could fly it all day on D12's and not lose it. Mine is a zipperless design, which means it separates in the middle. Good thing, since some of my delays are running "whistling" long. Kinda scary, but exciting. It's gotta be my favorite high LPR rocket. Can't wait to try it on an F motor! :D

Great looking paint! If I tried that it would come out looking like a melted Bomb Pop. Good luck with the rocket!